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Evolving Market Access in the APAC Region, Including China, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan

April 18, 2013

Evolving Market Access in the APAC Region: The Pharmaceutical Market in China

(Series Part 1)

Speaker for this Event:
  • Chia Wen Lee, Head of Emerging Markets Access, Biogen Idec    Learn More
  • As the pharmaceutical industry in the West is being challenged with austerity and increasing pricing pressure, companies have started looking to diversify their portfolios through emerging markets. The countries within emerging markets are highly diverse and business models need to be locally tailored to ensure success.

    This first webinar in the series will examine market access related issues in China, including the ongoing healthcare reform in China and its implication on access. Topics include:

    • Top level regulatory requirement overview
    • Market access in China: What are Reimbursement Drug List and Essential Drug List and how are prices set?
    • Pricing trends
    • Healthcare reform bill and the impact on distribution channels
    • How to address the affordability issue?

    Further in the series, the speaker will continue to examine Japan and China, representing the world’s second and third largest pharmaceutical markets. South Korea and Taiwan, also major reimbursement markets as well as innovators in biologics and specialty products, will also be discussed.

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      Professionals from pharmaceutical, and biotechnology companies with responsibilities and interests in the following areas:

    • Market Access Emerging Markets- APAC , CHINA, JAPAN, TAIWAN
    • Health Economics
    • Supply Chain Management
    • Business Analysis and Development
    • Finance
    • Legal and Regulatory Affairs
    • Government Affairs
    • Sales & Marketing
    • Strategic Planning and Operation
    • Commercial Operations

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    Chia Wen Lee, Head of Emerging Markets Access, Biogen Idec

    Dr. Chia Wen Lee is not your typical number crunching epidemiologist and statistician; she is an extremely versatile executive with significant scientific and business development experience, across various delivery systems (clinical, pharmaceutical/ biotechnology, government, and academia) in Europe, Asia and the US.

    Dr. Lee joined Biogen Idec in 2011 and is currently head of Emerging Markets Access. She is responsible for creating the vision of the Emerging Markets Access network, setting up the organization, strategies and details for implantation.

    Dr. Lee has demonstrated her upward mobility receiving 3 promotions in her 4.5 year-service with Pfizer Inc. She began her career in the UK office and with technical competencies of evidence based medicine, statistical analysis, population and clinical epidemiology and Health Technology Assessments (HTA); she was highly effective in providing technical insights into operational planning supporting ophthalmology, pain and CNS therapeutic areas. Being recognized as a talented leader with both academic kudos and business sense, Dr. Lee was assigned the task of setting up and leading the Market Access function (including HEOR & HTA) in China during the year of National Reimbursement Drug List (NRDL), Essential Drug List (EDL) review and the publication of the highly anticipated Healthcare Reform Bill in 2009. After accomplishing her assignment by securing optimal pricing, access of the portfolio, and coaching and developing local talent, Dr. Lee was promoted to the HQs supporting HTA activities for both clinical development assets and in-line products.

    Prior to entering the pharmaceutical industry, Dr. Lee had extensive experience in public health, healthcare policy making and clinical guideline development, from consulting for the Department of Health in Taiwan on maternal and child health, to leading a cross-functional team developing clinical guidelines for National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE).

    Dr. Lee was born and raised in Taiwan and received her PhD in Epidemiology and Biostatistics from London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. .

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