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November 29, 2012

Carilion Clinic: Hospital Patient Flow Optimization Decision Support Tool

Speakers for this Event:
  • Jim Montgomery, MHA, FACHE, CSSBB, Carilion Clinic   Learn More

  • Alexander Kolker, PhD, ASQ CRE, Outcomes Operations Analysis Project Manager,
        Children’s Hospital and Health System, Milwaukee, Wisconsin  
    Learn More
  • The Power of Simulation Modeling-Discrete Event Simulation in the Healthcare Industry

    Alexander Kolker will briefly introduce discrete event simulation and demonstrate why it is the methodology of choice for situations that are too complicated to represent using analytic formulas (e.g., queuing analytic theory). He will specifically identify the wide range of problems to which it can be applied in healthcare management and operations such as capacity analysis and planning.

    Dr. Kolker is the author of a recently published book titled "Healthcare Management Engineering: What Does This Fancy Term Really Mean?” - The Use of Operations Management Methodology for Quantitative Decision-Making in Healthcare Settings.

    Carilion Clinic: Hospital Patient Flow Optimization Decision Support Tool

    Optimizing patient flow through the hospital is a key strategic initiative being implemented across many hospitals in an effort to add value and eliminate waste. However, the availability of macro-level analytic tools to guide these key strategic decisions is lacking.

    Jim Montgomery will discuss a discrete-event computer simulation (DES) model developed by Carilion Clinic to replicate patient flow from hospital admission to discharge.

    Some key components of the model include:

    • 24 nursing units, 12 service lines and flow (transfers)among nursing units due to acuity changes
    • Variables like admission volume, admissions by service line, unit length of stay (LOS) and unit number of staffed beds
    • Results on hospital census, individual nursing unit census, estimated annual revenue and right-patient-right-place metrics

    Administrators were empowered to test many initiatives and evaluate their system impact before implementation, as the DES model answered the following:

    • By making changes to staffed bed capacity can one predict the census volume on not only the designated unit, but on other units within the system?
    • If LOS was changed for a particular service line or nursing unit, how did this impact census and flow?
    • How do changes to capacity or LOS affect targeted right-patient-right-place frequency?

    COOs, Chief Nursing Officers, Chief Medical Officers, VPs of Quality, VPs of Process Improvement, VP of Innovation, VPs of Strategic Planning/Capital Planning


    Jim Montgomery, MHA, FACHE, CSSBB, Carilion Clinic

    Jim Montgomery is a healthcare executive with 25 years experience in healthcare management. He served twenty years in the Army Medical Service Corps retiring at the rank of lieutenant colonel. During that period, he held various leadership roles including chief financial officer, Ireland Army Community Hospital, Fort Knox, KY and chief operating officer, US Army Health Clinic, Vicenza, Italy. Mr. Montgomery joined the Carilion Clinic, Roanoke, VA, in 2006 as a regional practice director for the Clinic’s physicians group and now holds the position of Senior Performance Improvement Consultant within the Informatics, Analytics and Improvement Division. He conducted his first MedModel discrete-event computer simulation study 15 years ago in graduate school and has since built over 23 models to help maximize efficiencies in both inpatient and outpatient settings.

    Mr. Montgomery earned a Masters in Healthcare Administration from Baylor University and is credentialed as a Fellow in the American College of Healthcare Executives. He is also a Certified Six Sigma Black Belt through the American Society for Quality.

    Alexander Kolker, PhD, ASQ CRE, Outcomes Operations Analysis Project Manager, Children’s Hospital and Health System, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

    Alexander Kolker has many years of practical experience in quantitative methods for healthcare management, such as hospital capacity expansion planning, system-wide patient flow optimization, staffing planning, forecasting trends and market expansion analysis. He widely applies process simulation and other advanced analytical and computer methodologies to analyze different scenarios for allocation resources that result in the most effective operational solutions.

    He actively publishes in peer reviewed journals, edits books and speaks at the national conferences in the area of management science and system and process improvement in healthcare settings. He serves on the Review Boards of Healthcare Management Science and Journal of Medical Systems.

    Dr. Kolker is the author of three book chapters and two books: “Healthcare Management Engineering: What Does This Term Really Mean? The Use of Operations Management Methodology for Quantitative Decision-Making in Healthcare Settings.” Springer Briefs in Healthcare Management & Economics. Springer, NY, 2012; and “Management Engineering for Effective Healthcare Delivery: Principles and Applications” IGI-Global Press, PA, 2011.


    ProModel Corporation has been a leading provider of simulation solutions for over 20 year. These innovative solutions have demonstrated success in complex highly integrated business environments where other forms of analysis cannot provide accurate answers. ProModel healthcare simulation solutions offer health systems the unique ability to perform accurate, highly detailed predictive analysis of the specific and systemic impacts of operational, process, and layout changes BEFORE decisions are made. This methodology combines industry specific professional services and innovative technology to equip managers and executives with a powerful “what-if” capability. This capability improves the speed, accuracy and confidence with which they can make better decisions -- faster.

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