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September 20, 2012

PD-1 and the Immune Exhaustion Paradigm:
Immune Profiling Tools for Drug Discovery and Clinical Monitoring

Keynote Speaker for this Event:
  • Yoav Peretz, Ph.D., Principal Scientist, Caprion/IMMUNECARTA Services  Learn More

  • PD-1 and the Immune Exhaustion Paradigm:
    Immune Profiling Tools for Drug Discovery and Clinical Monitoring

    PD-1 is a key immunological checkpoint expressed by activated T cells. PD-1 mediates immunosuppression by modulating the TCR signaling machinery, thus preventing uncontrolled inflammation and autoimmunity. In chronic inflammatory conditions, sustained PD-1 expression on responsive effector lymphocytes drives T cells to a state of impairment known as functional exhaustion. Functionally impaired CD4 and CD8 T cells have been described in varied conditions, including cancer and chronic viral infections such as SIV, HIV and Hepatitis C. A common immunological factor to these different pathologies is the co-expression of immune inhibitory markers such as PD-1, CD160 and TIM-3.

    In the context of drug discovery and clinical monitoring efforts, the ability to characterize the immune inhibitory profile of responding lymphocytes, and to discriminate between functionally activated cells versus exhausted cells, is of fundamental importance. Multiparametric flow cytometry has become the platform of choice for characterization of lymphocyte populations, enabling phenotypic and functional analysis of mixed cell populations such as in peripheral blood.

    In this webinar, case studies will be presented to demonstrate how advanced immune monitoring tools have been used to gain insight on the proportion of major lymphocyte subsets, their response to various stimuli and their activation versus exhaustion status. Participants will learn how immune monitoring is being deployed to assess immune system status and to advance drug development and clinical monitoring efforts.


    Pharma, biotech, government interested in biomarker discovery, verification, validation. Immunology, oncology, CNS, respiratory, infectious disease, toxicology, translational medicine, clinical assay development.


    Yoav Peretz, Ph.D., Principal Scientist, Caprion/IMMUNECARTA Services

    Yoav brings to Caprion/ IMMNUNECARTA Services deep scientific and immunological expertise in the application of immune monitoring tools that address the complexities of the immune system encountered during pre-clinical development and Phase I/II clinical trials.

    Prior to joining Caprion, Yoav held the position of Principal Scientist at the National Immune Monitoring Laboratory (NIML) where he managed scientific projects in infectious diseases and oncology.

    Yoav’s research expertise includes work on negative regulators of T cell activation and oxidative stress in HIV, with focus on identifying immune correlates of protection in rare cohorts of HIV-infected patients. Other research interests include the use of in vivo electroporation for intramuscular administration of plasmids encoding hematopoietic growth factors and immune modulating molecules.

    Yoav received his M.Sc. (Pathology) and Ph.D (Experimental Medicine) degrees from McGill University, and was a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Montreal, in the Laboratory of Rafick-Pierre Sékaly.


    Caprion is a world leading provider of proteomics-based biomarker services and immune monitoring solutions to the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

    Caprion has recently acquired the assets of the National Immune Monitoring Laboratory (NIML) and now provides immune monitoring capabilities under the IMMUNECARTA brand. Services include analysis of phenotypic and functional profiles of innate and adaptive immune responses in a GLP/GCLP compliant environment.

    Caprion's proprietary proteomics technology, CELLCARTA ®, is a gel-free, label-free mass spectrometry platform that enables a comprehensive, quantitative and robust measurement of the protein expression differences across large sets of biological samples.

    With research sites in Montreal, Canada and in Menlo Park, CA, Caprion has over a decade of experience providing large scale proteomics biomarker and drug target discovery and validation services for over 50 major clients in the pharmaceutical, biotech and public sectors.Caprion also conducts internal programs aimed at discovering and developing novel in-vitro diagnostics markers for a variety of indications, including metabolic and infectious diseases and oncology, while serving as a biomarker center of excellence for the U.S. Government/NIH-NIAID for Biodefense research. Caprion Proteomics is a privately-held company owned by Chicago Growth Partners.

    For more information, please visit www.caprion.com

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