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September 14, 2011

FRAM: Nonvolatile Memory for Ultra-low Power Applications

Keynote Speaker for this Event:
  • Jacob Borgeson, MSP430 Product Marketing Engineer, Texas Instruments  Learn More
  • FRAM: Nonvolatile Memory for Ultra-low Power Applications

    FRAM is a new nonvolatile memory, and for the first time it has been combined with a low power 16-bit microcontroller on the same die to revolutionize the world of microcontrollers. Not only does FRAM bring a lot of low power benefits by itself, such as faster write speeds, programmability at 1.5V, and guaranteed write completion, but it is now combined with the industry’s most flexible and lowest power MCU Architecture.

    This talk will go over the basics of FRAM and how it works, and how the MSP430 architecture has been adapted to bring out the best low power characteristics of FRAM while decreasing development time.

    Topics include:

    • Dynamic memory allocation
    • Guaranteed write
    • A comparison of power consumption and write speed with Flash

    Then the paper will turn to identify specifically how these benefits apply to certain applications like wireless sensor networks, data logging, EEPROM replacement, energy harvesting and more.


    Embedded systems engineers


    Jacob Borgeson, MSP430 Product Marketing Engineer, Texas Instruments

    Jacob Borgeson is currently MSP430 FRAM Marketing Manager at Texas Instruments. He has been working with microcontrollers and embedded processors for almost 4 years and has a special interest in biomedical and wireless sensor network applications. Of particular importance is the future use of energy harvesting in both these applications.


    Texas Instruments develops analog, digital signal processing, RF and DLP® semiconductor technologies that help customers deliver consumer and industrial electronics products with greater performance, increased power efficiency, higher precision, more mobility and better quality.

    TI offers a broad portfolio of Smart Electricity Meter & Utility Meter solutions. TI's comprehensive utility metering solution portfolio includes devices for electricity & utility meter systems, as well as power line communications (PLC) and radio frequency (RF) interfaces for automated meter reading (AMR) that allow customers to design "smart metering" solutions. TI offers the broadest range of embedded control products, including ultra-low-power MSP430™ microcontrollers with the right mix of intelligent peripherals, ease of use, RF connectivity options, low cost and lowest power consumption for metering, and thousands of other applications.

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