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November 9, 2010
Communication Effectiveness in Higher Education
Speakers for this event:
  • Steve Acquista, Director of Digital Signage, Black Box Network Services  Learn More
  • Steven Keith Platt, Director, Platt Retail Institute  Learn More
  • Communication Effectiveness in Higher Education

    Understanding the most effective and timely manner in which to relay messages to students is important, whether for a routine matter, such as a sporting event; an important concern, such as class registration; or a critical instance, such as a campus emergency. In addition, as new and emerging digital technologies are being embraced, their position within the communication mix introduces added intricacies. Of particular interest is the emerging technology of digital signage networks.

    In this webinar, the Platt Retail Institute (PRI) will discuss its just-released research that answers the following questions:

    • Of the methods that are being used by universities to communicate with their students, which are effective?
    • How can emerging digital technologies be deployed to enhance the administrator-student information flow?

    All administrators, vice presidents, directors, and managers at colleges, universities, and other higher-education institutions, including those in:

    • Marketing
    • Communications, Public Relations, Outreach, and Community Relations
    • Information Technology (IT), Communication Technologies, and Information Services
    • Student Affairs and Residence Life
    • Human Resources
    • Campus Activities and Services
    • Emergency Management
    • Strategic Planning

    Steve Acquista, Director of Digital Signage, Black Box Network Services  

    Steve Acquista, CTS, DSCE, is a 20-year AV and digital signage industry veteran and the Director of Digital Signage at Black Box, a world leader and provider of comprehensive communications and data infrastructure solutions.

    Steven Keith Platt, Director, Platt Retail Institute

    Steven Keith Platt is the Director of The Platt Retail Institute (PRI), an at-retail marketing research, consulting, and analytics firm. PRI is widely regarded as the world’s leading expert in research and consulting to retailers, banks, media companies, and other stakeholders in the digital communications network industry.

    Steven received his bachelor of science degree in finance and marketing from the Boston University School of Management. He also has a law degree and a LL.M. in taxation from Boston University, where he served as Articles Editor for the university's Journal of Tax Law. He has co-authored six major working papers about digital communication networks, and serves as editor and publisher of the Journal of Retail Analytics and the North American Digital Signage Index, as well various research reports for the National Retail Federation and the American Marketing Association. He has published articles in journals including the American Bankers Association Journal, Digital Signage Quarterly, Extended Retail Solutions, the Retail Solutions Providers Association Magazine, and the Retail Navigator, among many others. He has been quoted in publications including BusinessWeek, Chain Store Age, the Chicago Tribune, DSN Retailing Today, Inc. magazine, Stores Magazine, the San Jose Mercury News, TIME magazine, USA Today, and The Wall Street Journal. He has also appeared as a guest analyst on the CBS Evening News and The Early Show, ABC World News, and HD News. He has also lectured at conferences around the globe. Steven is a member of the Executive Advisory Board at the University of Florida Center for Retailing Education, as well as a member of the National Economists Club, and an Associate Member of the American Collegiate Retailing Association and the National Retail Federation.


    Black Box is a world leader and provider of comprehensive communications and data infrastructure solutions. In addition to designing, installing, and maintaining voice and data networks throughout the world, the Company offers more than 118,000 networking and infrastructure products including: Award Winning Digital Signage & Multimedia Platforms | Signal Distribution | Cables, Cabinets & Racks | KVM | Networking Infrastructure Hardware | Datacom | Power | Security | Servers |

    Visit us at www.blackbox.com/go/iCOMPEL.

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