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July 13, 2010
360 Degrees of Video Marketing Online
Keynote Speaker for this Event:
  • Ben Friedle, Principal, Outlier Solutions   Learn More
  • 360 Degrees of Video Marketing Online

    According to emarketer.com video is the fastest growing media online with up to 94% of marketers and advertising professionals planning to devote more resources to online video.


    This trend applies to large and small businesses alike. In the first quarter of 2009 5% of small business websites included video elements, which grew to 19.2% by the end of 2009.


    This free 30 minute webinar will guide you through the creative process, supply ideas for promotion and provide tips for working with agencies such as Outlier Solutions.


    Ben Friedle of Outlier Solutions Inc. will share his expertise in the areas of product promotion, training, and selling using online video. This interactive webinar will cover video creation at any budget, how to use video for successful product launches, and the best strategies for delivering video to targeted audiences.


    Mr. Friedle will be citing case studies from SHEL LAB and ControlTek Inc., and industry reports that illustrate the latest trends in video marketing online.


    In addition to conventional advertising video presentations are especially useful for companies whose products require setup, calibration, or customer education before use.


    What you’ll learn:

    • Strategies for promoting your video
    • The latest user trends on Youtube
    • How to plan for a sales vs training video
    • How to use video for technical support
    • Ideas for using video presentations effectively
    • Tips for working with a video production company or agency

    A Q&A session with the audience is included at the end of the presentation.


    • Manufacturers of Industrial Devices with a technical slant

    • Product managers looking for creative ways to illustrate differentiating product features

    • Products that require user education before using

       Life Science companies - Manufacturers of Laboratory Equipment, Laboratory Products

    Ben Friedle, Principal, Outlier Solutions  

    Ben Friedle co-founded Outlier Solutions in 2004 and since then has immersed himself in online marketing. Prior to Outlier, Ben spent his career in the life science industry marketing high-end laboratory equipment. Having real world experience with most every avenue of web marketing and promotion, Ben has the ability to make recommendations to increase return on marketing investments from first hand experience with the laboratory, medical and manufacturing industries.


    Outlier Solutions Inc. is a full service marketing and creative firm. Outlier creates stronger brand awareness, improves lead generation, and product training and promotion by leveraging multiple marketing channels to reach marketing and sales goals.

    Outlier offers web marketing, video production, and graphic design services that all compliment one another to deliver a unified marketing strategy. We encourage you to “Be the Outlier”.

    For information about the recorded archive for this event contact Xtalks at (416) 977-6555 ext 371, or email register@xtalks.com

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