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Expanding U.S. Market Share in the Food Processing Sector

  • Grant Cothran, International Investment Manager, Virginia Economic Development Partnership  
  • Expanding U.S. Market Share in the Food Processing Sector

    It’s no secret: Proximity to customers has always been a cornerstone of business relationships and a time-tested principal for profit growth.


    As the economic trade winds shift, the surest way to capture and hold U.S. market share is to “become” an American company.


    Having a U.S. subsidiary means avoiding the risk of currency fluctuations, fewer border delays and faster speed to market, and addressing the ascendant consumer demand to “buy locally”.


    Creating a U.S. presence is not a “someday” project:  Hundreds of companies do it every year, and with the right partners, your company can, too.


    This presentation will focus on:


    ·         Precedents of Success:  Learn from the experience of profitable international food companies who have already cracked the U.S. market through a strategy of local presence.

    ·         Assembling the U.S. Team:  Find out how the right U.S. business partners and reliable service providers can make or break your business.

    ·         Geographic Analysis:  In a 50-state, $14 trillion dollar economy, not all locations are the same.  Understand the key advantages an internationally-owned company should look for.


    This program is intended for food processing companies currently importing products into the United States, whether they have established distribution channels in the U.S. or not.

    It is intended for decision makers within an organization whose function is primarily business development, financial, or executive in nature.


    Grant Cothran, International Investment Manager, Virginia Economic Development Partnership

    Since joining the economic development field in 2005, Grant Cothran has worked at the regional and state level to assist hundreds of companies evaluate Virginia as a business location.


    The Virginia Economic Development Partnership (VEDP) is a central point of contact for businesses seeking expansion opportunity in the United States. We connect expertise from the public and private sectors, creating relationships of mutual benefit.


    Virginia is centrally located on the East Coast, allowing Virginia’s business climate is as rich as its heritage and culture. While sources like Forbes and CNBC repeatedly rank Virginia as the #1 Best State for Business, we invite you to discover for yourself what makes Virginia an attractive and welcoming place to grow.

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