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April 30, 2010

Enabling Smart Metering Systems with the World’s Lowest Power Microcontroller

The first in a series of technology reviews on power efficiency in embedded control systems

Speakers for this event:
  • Kripa Venkat, Systems Applications Engineer, Texas Instruments  Learn More
  • VC Kumar, MSP430 Microcontroller Product Marketing Engineer, Texas Instruments  Learn More
  • Enabling Smart Metering Systems with the World’s Lowest Power Microcontroller

    In today’s world of battery-operated applications and smart grid power efficiency, power consumption of the embedded microcontroller (MCU) is becoming more and more important to metering system solutions.

    Most microcontrollers have low-power offerings, but choosing the best one for your metering application is usually more difficult than comparing bullet points on the first page of data sheets. MCU features should be compared in detail to determine the lowest-power choice, including power-down modes, clocking systems, event-driven capability, on-chip peripherals, brownout detection and protection, pin leakage current, and processing efficiency.

    This seminar will review the industry trends and solutions surrounding zero to low power consumption in embedded system designs, with specific application studies around metering and smart grid solutions. As the ultimate solution provider in this market, TI’s MSP430 microcontroller platform of ultra-low-power 16-bit RISC mixed-signal processors offer a wide range of low power and portable application solutions with RF and multiple connectivity options.

    The speakers will outline how to use robust design support, technical documents, training, tools, and software to drive the MSP430 ultra-low power microcontroller solutions across a number of embedded system challenges and ever-increasing low and no power demands in the metering industry today.

    This webinar is part of a series on Embedded Control Systems. For information about the recorded archive for this event contact Xtalks at (416) 977-6555 ext 371, or email register@xtalks.com

    Part 1 - On Demand Archive available upon request (see contact details above)
    April 30/10
    Enabling Smart Metering Systems with the World’s Lowest Power Microcontroller
    For more information about Part 2 - On Demand Archive available
    July 8/10
    Realizing Ubiquitous Wireless Connectivity with the World’s Lowest Power Microcontroller

    • Electrical systems design engineers
    • Embedded systems designers & developers
    • Smart Metering Systems Experts
    • Metering Systems Designers & Industry Professionals
    • Low Power & RF System engineers
    • Managers of smart meter and electrical system design
    • Low power systems design engineers

    Kripa Venkat, Systems Applications Engineer, Texas Instruments

    Kripa Venkat is currently a System Applications Engineer for the Metering BU in Dallas, TX. He began as an Applications Engineer for MSP430 MCUs in early 2006 and has been working on energy metering for the last 3 years. He has published several white papers pertaining to energy metering, optimized digital filtering, and other application specific literature. He holds a Master’s degree from University of Texas at Dallas with emphasis in Signal Processing and Communication.

    VC Kumar, MSP430 Microcontroller Product Marketing Engineer, Texas Instruments

    VC Kumar is a product marketing engineer for Texas Instruments’ MSP430 ultra-low power microcontroller (MCU) group. In this role, he is responsible for product management and strategy as well as roadmaps for wireless connectivity, FRAM technology and the MSP430 Value Line in addition to various other MSP430 MCUs.


    Kumar was previously the product line manager for TI-RFID Systems government identification segment, where he was responsible for strategy, new market opportunities and customers. Prior to this role, Kumar was a manager for TI RFID Systems’ contactless commerce group as well as a program manager for TI’s RF payment application development. In payment application development, he managed TI’s internal team of engineers, application developers and product marketers. He also served as the operations and quality manager in the RFID Systems group.


    Kumar holds a M.S. degree with a concentration in mechanical engineering from Drexel University and an MBA from Southern Methodist University.


    Texas Instruments develops analog, digital signal processing, RF and DLP® semiconductor technologies that help customers deliver consumer and industrial electronics products with greater performance, increased power efficiency, higher precision, more mobility and better quality.

    TI offers a broad portfolio of Smart Electricity Meter & Utility Meter solutions. TI's comprehensive utility metering solution portfolio includes devices for electricity & utility meter systems, as well as power line communications (PLC) and radio frequency (RF) interfaces for automated meter reading (AMR) that allow customers to design "smart metering" solutions. TI offers the broadest range of embedded control products, including ultra-low-power MSP430™ microcontrollers with the right mix of intelligent peripherals, ease of use, RF connectivity options, low cost and lowest power consumption for metering, and thousands of other applications.

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