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March 10, 2010
5 Strategic Challenges to Passing a PCI DSS Audit
Keynote Speaker for this event:
  • Gavin Millard, Technical Director - International, Tripwire   Learn More
  • 5 Strategic Challenges to Passing a PCI DSS Audit

    For a standard that has only formally existed for less than 4 years, the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS, or PCI) is making astonishingly rapid progress.


    In the United States, 50% - 80% of large retail companies are validated as compliant; even second tier organizations are at the 50% mark in terms of adoption. In Europe, PCI is making headway as well, although adoption is not uniform across the continent, with the UK exhibiting the highest levels of PCI compliance and awareness.


    PCI has attained such wide adoption that it is considered a de-facto best practice in the retail industry. Although a private industry rather than legal standard, it is treated in many organizations similarly to regulatory requirements, frequently creating an unnecessary additional burden on IT as a result. Today, based on well-established security best-practices, such as ISO17799, PCI is not a compliance program but rather a technical best-practices standard for the protection of sensitive data – and not just credit card data.


    In this webcast, we will examine five strategic challenges facing an organization attempting to navigate the PCI compliance landscape, and how to turn these challenges into a strategic PCI approach:

    • Lack of organizational understanding and commitment
    • Treating PCI as an audit process
    • Scoping compliance too broadly
    • The fallacy of point-in-time compliance
    • Failure to automate

    We will also discuss issues pertaining to entire life-cycle of PCI compliance, including pre- and post-compliance challenges, with an eye towards clarifying certain common but crucial misunderstandings of the compliance process.



    This program would be beneficial for Global 2000 enterprises and medium size enterprises with revenue of $100M - $1B.


    • Executive
    • Security / Compliance
    • IT Operations
    • Change Management
    • Audit

    Job functions:

    • IT Director
    • Operations Manager
    • CISO
    • Security Compliance Manager
    • Systems Adminstrator

    Gavin Millard, Technical Director - International, Tripwire

    Gavin Millard, Technical Director for Tripwire, is a specialist in understanding problems around security and operational efficiency for companies across the World and addressing them with technology and process improvement. Trained as an ethical hacker, his deep understanding of how hackers approach a breach has enabled him and his team to help hundreds of companies to create and maintain a known and trusted state for their IT infrastructure. With the proliferation of Virtualisation, Gavin assists clients in understanding issues like VM Sprawl and how weak hypervisor configuration can lead to data loss. Gavin has worked with Tripwire for over six years and currently lives in the UK.


    Tripwire is the leading global provider of IT security and compliance automation solutions that help businesses and government agencies take control of their entire IT infrastructure. Over 7,000 customers and more than 600,000 systems rely on Tripwire to operationalize compliance, protect sensitive data, and eliminate outages. Tripwire VIA™, the comprehensive suite of industry-leading file integrity, policy compliance and log and event management solutions, is the way organizations proactively prove continuous compliance, mitigate risk, and achieve operational control. Learn more at www.tripwire.com.


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