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March 4, 2010
Perspectives on Utilizing Microsoft SharePoint to Improve Clinical Trial Operations
  • Les Jordan, CTO, Life Sciences Industry Unit, Microsoft - SharePoint in the Life Sciences  Learn More
  • Bob Webber, President & CEO, TranSenda - Unleashing the Power of Microsoft SharePoint for Clinical Trial Management  Learn More
  • Greg Cohee, Director, eClinical Services, Pharmica Consulting -  Using SharePoint-Based Investigator Portals to Drive Site Performance  Learn More
  • Perspectives on Utilizing Microsoft SharePoint to Improve Clinical Trial Operations

    SharePoint is Microsoft’s fasting growing product ever. Even the conservative pharmaceutical industry is embracing this technology at a rapid pace.

    At its core, SharePoint provides functionality enabling tight collaboration between and within research teams via document sharing and portal development. When used in a CTMS environment combined with investigator portals, biopharmaceutical companies can experience quantum leaps in operational productivity.

    This webinar will introduce attendees to the utility of SharePoint for clinical trial operations and will present the application of SharePoint to two specific areas: clinical trial management and investigator portals.

    Attendees will learn how they can use technology to manage their clinical operational data to collect more timely information and to make more informed decisions.


    VP's and Directors of

    • Clinical Operations
    • Clinical Research
    • Clinical IT
    • Clinical Informatics
    • Project Management
    • Information Technology
    • Finance

    Les Jordan, CTO, Life Sciences Industry Unit, Microsoft

    As the Industry Technology Strategist, serving in the capacity of CTO for Microsoft’s life sciences team, Les Jordan provides architectural, technical, and industry specific guidance to internal product teams, partner companies and Microsoft’s largest pharmaceutical and health products enterprise customers. He brings over 15 years of industry experience setting technical direction and strategy.

    In this role, Les also serves as the Director of the BioIT Alliance, a Microsoft founded standards development organization focused on driving collaboration and standards into early stage discovery in order to enable faster adoption of translational medicine.

    Prior to joining Microsoft in 2004, Les spent five years with Click Commerce (formerly Webridge) as a Solution Architect and Technical Evangelist, where he was instrumental in launching their product and market development initiative into clinical trials and research compliance process automation, particularly focused on managing Institutional Review Boards (IRBs). Based on those efforts, Click Commerce is now one of the largest providers of Research Compliance automation software in the United States.

    In addition to research compliance expertise, Les spent five years providing technical guidance in the clinical trials industry as the IT Director of a small CRO. Outside of pharmaceutical and life sciences companies, Les also served five years as an officer at a large Fortune-500 financial services company, managing large IT projects and setting direction in the messaging and collaboration space.

    Les has also provided services to companies and organizations including State Street Bank, Mellon Bank, Private Healthcare Systems, Pergo Floors, University of Miami School of Medicine, and the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. His efforts have resulted in speaking engagements at conferences including the Oracle Pharmaceutical Users Group, Society of Research Administrators, Private Health Care Systems Market Leaders Conference, CDISC Interchange, Drug Information Association, EMR/EDC Convergence, interviews and articles published in Life Sciences Information Technology, Applied Clinical Trials, Bio-ITWorld, and various webinars.


    Bob Webber, President & CEO, TranSenda

    Bob Webber's career spans more than 30 years with major software development companies in telecommunications, the entertainment industry, healthcare and life sciences. This includes more than 20 years in management and executive management positions with GTE and Lucent leading the development of mission-critical software for high-reliability telecommunication networks.

    Bob joined TranSenda as Chief Technology Officer and was instrumental in evolving the TranSenda CentralTM processing platform technology with Plug-and-ProcessTM graphical workflow and "drag and drop" integration for the healthcare market. Bob was later promoted to President and CEO, focusing TranSenda's proven and highly flexible platform technology on small to medium sized life sciences organizations, with special emphasis on developing dynamic and revolutionary modular clinical trial software applications, products and solutions to meet the integration and data management needs of biotechnology companies. Bob holds five US patents in the software development field. He was recognized by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences with an Academy Technical Achievement award in 1999 for motion control software for high-speed traveling camera systems used in feature films.

    Mr. Webber is a member of the Drug Information Association, Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, the Washington State Biotechnology & Biomedical Association, and the Washington Software Alliance. He has an honors degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of British Columbia.


    Greg Cohee, Director, eClinical Services, Pharmica Consulting

    Greg Cohee is a senior consultant at PHARMICA Consulting, a firm which focuses on improving the business aspects and decision-making capabilities of R&D organizations in the life sciences industry. His industry expertise resides in the area of electronic clinical technologies, systems integration, and process improvement. Mr. Cohee has over fifteen years experience working in the pharmaceutical industry and his clients have included some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies. A number of projects and positions highlight his experience and expertise:


    - Mr. Cohee led the development of a comprehensive set of metrics and reports that enabled a large biopharmaceutical company to better manage their portfolio, CROs, and individual clinical studies. This project resulted in the company having an authoritative source for up to date information and significantly improved the efficiency of their clinical operations.


    - As an industry expert on Electronic Patient Reported Outcomes (ePRO), Mr. Cohee has provided regulatory guidance and project management support to numerous pharmaceutical companies to help develop ePRO strategies and collect patient reported data in clinical trials, globally.


    - Mr. Cohee supported the evaluation and implementation of a CTMS for a large biotech company.


    - As the project manager and IT liaison, Mr. Cohee managed the implementation of a CRM tool for a global company in the pharmaceutical industry.


    - Mr. Cohee led the development of an integrated reporting capability for tracking contracts and accurately forecasting revenue across multiple, independently operated business units. He managed the project end-to-end including requirements gathering, data mapping, process mapping and harmonization, task coordination, and system roll out.


    Mr. Cohee is a member of the International Society for Society for Clinical Data Management, International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research (ISPOR), and the Drug Information Association (DIA). He currently holds a B.S. in Chemistry and an M.B.A. in Finance from Rider University in Lawrenceville, NJ. He is also a holder of 3 US technology patents and one European patent.


    TranSenda is committed to transforming the clinical trial environment by delivering solutions that address the underserved need to improve the "business-process" side of clinical trial operations. To accomplish this, we took our inherently versatile business process management technology and evolved it into a modular clinical trial process platform that supports a next generation CTMS. TranSenda's Clinical Trial Manager was designed by experienced clinical trial professionals to support a collaborative clinical environment which is as conducive to the operational needs of conducting a clinical study as possible. Built with Microsoft's .NET technology and open standards, TranSenda's web-enabled solutions use portals to help centralized activities, information and communication among all study sites and teams.

    Today, with our innovative Office-Smart clinical trial software, TranSenda's customers can leverage Microsoft's powerful Office System to create a more people-friendly environment that unifies study software with the practical business-side of Office productivity tools.  Supported by our patent-pending ClinBUS data interchange technology, TranSenda's Office-Smart solutions can interoperate with existing clinical applications like EDC-creating an unprecedented study environment in which both clinical research software and business-process software can work in concert to improve overall study efficiency.

    Since 1998, TranSenda has been collaborating with customers to create effective business process solutions-starting with an electronic tax filing system for our first customer, Microsoft.  In 2001, TranSenda developed its first healthcare solution.  By 2003, TranSenda could count Cardinal Health among its customers. Since 2004, TranSenda has been committed exclusively to providing innovative solutions to life sciences organizations.

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