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November 17, 2009
Full-Disk Encryption: Protect your Company from a Data Breach
Keynote Speaker for this event:
  • Hal Hagan, Pre-Sales Engineer, WinMagic  Learn More
  • Does your organization hold Personal Identifiable Information?
    Are you worried about your Intellectual Property being compromised?
    Does your organization experience the risk of losing laptops or having them stolen?

    This interactive presentation will answer these questions and more.

    Encryption of data-at-rest is no longer an optional exercise. Increasingly mobile enterprise data combined with accelerating privacy & data breach legislation is driving significant risks and costs into the loss or theft of sensitive data and personally identifiable information (PII) on laptops and devices attached to those laptops.

    What can SecureDoc do for you?

    SecureDoc delivers a complete data security solution including government-grade encryption that reliably and transparently protects intellectual property and PII throughout the enterprise. SecureDoc gives all industries the ability to deploy encryption across the enterprise in a secure and auditable fashion without affecting productivity.

    Key Takeaways:

    - Why you should encrypt your laptops (and what else you should encrypt).

    - What to consider in choosing an encryption solution that is right for you.

    - How to approach enterprise deployment to ensure success and compliance.


    • CISOs
    • CIOs
    • CSOs
    • Chief Compliance Officers
    • CFOs
    • VPs, Directors, & Managers of Information Security, Information Technology, Privacy and Risk

    For the Healthcare, Financial Services, Legal and Manufacturing Sectors



    Hal Hagan, Pre-Sales Engineer, WinMagic

    More information to come...


    Since 1997, WinMagic has developed enterprise-class, government-grade data security solutions to protect sensitive data and personally identifiable information on laptops, desktops, removable media (CD/DVD/USB), and other endpoints. WinMagic’s solutions are based on open standards like PKCS #11, for flexibility and compatibility. WinMagic has consistently led the market in functionality and certification, including the award of certificate #1 from NIST for support of AES encryption and the first disk encryption solution certified by the NSA for protection of SECRET data.

    The SecureDoc™ product suite includes AES-256 full-disk encryption, multi-platform support, port control, removable media encryption, file/folder & container encryption, centralized control and management (including unparalleled key management capability), and industry-leading pre-boot authentication support including passwords, biometrics, tokens, smartcards, and PKI. SecureDoc supports self-encrypting hard drives as well as the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) chip as part of a complete encryption solution.

    SecureDoc is designed to support enterprise deployments and incorporates a ‘bulletproof’ initial encryption, support for Active Directory & LDAP, and ‘silent’ deployment to help administrators ensure an easy and successful rollout. The user experience with SecureDoc is transparent (many users don’t even realize their computer is encrypted) and functionality including group key support and SecureDoc’s unique dynamic key-on-demand capability allow seamless and secure sharing of sensitive data among authorized users without the need to enter passwords.

    WinMagic delivers a complete range of scalable, secure and highly certified data security solutions to protect more than 3 million commercial and government users in 43 countries worldwide. For more information, please visit http://www.winmagic.com/.



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