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October 19, 2009
Growing Your Franchise in Today's Climate
Speakers for this event:
  • Katryn Harris, President, CEO & Founder, Open Box Integration Inc. Learn More
  • Paul Segreto, President, CEO & Founder,  franchisEssentials  Learn More
  • Judy Brooks, Co-Founder, President & CEO,  Blo Blow Dry Bar Inc., and Managing Director, Head Company Inc.  Learn More
  • Growing Your Franchise in Today's Climate

    According to research, 70-75% of new franchisors fail over a 10 year period.  Do you know the key factors that lead to a franchise succeeding or failing?  Do you know the impact of strong communications and accountability on franchisee buy-in and therefore on franchise growth?


    Join this webinar to:

    • Learn the most important factors in franchise success or failure
    • Explore key societal trends that will affect franchising in the next 12 months
    • Get concrete solutions to improve communications and accountability with your franchisees
    • Discuss best practices around effective communications in the franchise marketplace and how these can be implemented in the areas of social media, franchisee communications, and operations management.

    Viewers will leave with concrete tips they can implement as well as an understanding of how they can strengthen their franchise operations and a renewed understanding of the critical importance of good communication in franchise development.


    Franchise company owners

    • Presidents and CEOs
    • Vice Presidents, Directors of Business Development, Strategy, Marketing, and Operations

    This webinar is ideal for Franchisors who are in rapid growth, considering rapid growth or experiencing growth challenges, and who want to increase franchisee satisfaction and improve accountability within their franchises. 


    Katryn Harris, President, CEO & Founder, Open Box Integration Inc.

    Since 2005, Katryn has been working with franchisors to implement best practices and help them grow their franchises faster and better.  Clients appreciate her pragmatic approach and how often they hear the question:  ‘What are you trying to accomplish here?’  She sees a huge opportunity for many growing franchises to take better advantage of tools that improve communications, automate accountability and measure and improve brand consistency.


    Katryn has spoken at international conferences and written articles for online sites, blogs and magazines.  She enjoys the challenges and rewards of working with small and growing franchises as they develop their growth plans and set themselves up on the path to franchise success.


    Katryn Harris has been involved in management and organizational development since 1996.  She has experience creating and realizing strategic plans, controlling finances, managing and training staff, and ensuring organizational accountability.  Katryn founded Open Box in 2004 with the vision of setting people free to do what they do best.

    Blog http://growfromhere.com
    Twitter http://twitter.com/katrynharris
    LinkedIn http://linkedin.com/in/katrynharris

    Paul Segreto, President, CEO & Founder,  franchisEssentials  

    Paul Segreto, President, CEO and Founder of franchisEssentials, a Division of 21st Century CEO, brings unique perspective, entrepreneurial spirit and extensive industry experience to franchise marketing and development. For over twenty years he has exclusively served the franchise industry as consultant and coach, senior-level corporate executive, activist, multi-unit franchisee and area developer.

    Understanding the franchise sales process from lead generation through franchise award, and the importance of forming an interdependent relationship between franchisee and franchisor, Paul has successfully developed and executed marketing and development strategies for franchisors across a variety of franchise segments. As franchise candidates and consumers have become more sophisticated and technologically advanced, Paul has embraced Web 2.0 technology and social media marketing, and has identified both as essential to future franchise growth at all levels.

    A recognized franchise and small business expert,, Paul frequently serves as a guest speaker / topic leader for focus groups, strategy and sales planning meetings, training sessions and industry panels. He is frequently called upon to utilize his expertise in the development of articles for industry newsletters and blogs, and training programs for companies and organizations within the industry.

    LinkedIn http://linkedin.com/in/segreto
    Facebook http://facebook.com/paulsegreto
    Twitter http://twitter.com/paulsegreto

      Judy Brooks, Co-Founder, President & CEO,  Blo Blow Dry Bar Inc., and Managing Director, Head Company Inc.

    It was 2006, and Judy Brooks was in her 4th year of building out ProActive ReSolutions a company that works with organizations to build respectful workplaces. ProActive had opened offices in Vancouver, Sydney (Australia) and Edmonton and was at the height of developing the team, when a shiraz-fueled conversation between Judy and her daughter, Devon, posed a very vital question: “Why the heck can’t women get a great, affordable blow out in this city!?”.

    The first Blo Blow Dry Bar location was born June 6th, 2007. The concept was simple: no cuts, no color — just wash-blow-go. Blo opened three locations in under a year, including one in the Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver. Since opening, Blo has received over 100 franchise requests from around the world and had over 85 editorial features. Being first to market in the category of Blow Dry Bar has had its advantages. Blo’s cheeky brand has been aggressively built. Blo has a big vision and Judy is working with the young team to capitalize on the success with a well-developed growth strategy.

    Blo recently merger with Melonhead, Canada's biggest kids cutting stores, to form Head Company Inc, a company Building Brands with Brains.

    In the last 6 years Judy has sold a company she founded 15 years ago, launched two new ones, and has had the pleasure of working with a number of small businesses as an advisor.

    Website:  http://www.blomedry.com/
    Email:  judebrooks@gmail.com


    Open Box is focused on helping franchises grow faster and make more money. Many franchises struggle to grow and then struggle to manage that growth due to an inability to scale rapidly without compromising communications, brand consistency or effective accountability.


    The leading causes of franchise failure, aside from under capitalization, are an inability to grow rapidly, an inability to scale their systems, and challenges establishing legitimacy in the marketplace so they can find and keep the right franchisees.


    At Open Box, we solve that problem for franchises by providing system solutions and capabilities that

    • scale with your franchise growth
    • improve communications and information dissemination, which leads to better franchisee/franchisor relationships and increased credibility and brand equity in the marketplace
    • provide key tools that franchisors need to grow their franchises more rapidly and profitably.

    Since 2004, Open Box has been delivering business applications that provide internal efficiencies, improve communications, save time and money, and help put you ahead of the competition.


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