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June 23, 2009

Insight and Innovation: Novel Approaches to Safety Pharmacology and Toxicology in the 21st Century

Speakers for this event: 
  • Dr. Stéphane Milano, Vice President, Drug Safety Assessment, MDS Pharma Services  Learn More
  • Paul Barrow, Director of Toxicology, MDS Pharma Services  Learn More
  • Sarah Merrett, Lean Sigma Black Belt, MDS Pharma Services  Learn More

Insight and Innovation: Novel Approaches to Safety Pharmacology and Toxicology in the 21st Century

The webinar will focus on improving preclinical studies by combining MDS Pharma Services' 40 years of experience and insight in safety pharmacology and toxicology, with innovative technology and processes that improve study data and provide greater animal welfare. Presentations will highlight key challenges, best practices and methodologies.


The topics of the presentation will include using the External Telemetry for Toxicology (ET2) System, a non-invasive, GLP-validated solution for assessing the safety of drugs in non-rodent toxicology studies to expedite preclinical research studies and shorten time to IND. The presentation will also include a discussion of innovations in Reproductive Toxicology and the benefits and challenges that those innovations represent for pharmaceutical development. Finally, the presentation will include a look at how a CRO uses Lean Sigma and how process improvement can help delivery Quality On Time in Toxicology studies.


Presentation Highlights


Dr. Stéphane Milano: Cost-Effective Approach for Using External Cardio-Respiratory Telemetry in Toxicology Studies


Paul Barrow: Innovation in Reproductive Toxicity Testing and Its Impact on Pharmaceutical Development


Sarah Merrett: Utilizing Lean Sigma to Deliver Quality on Time in Toxicology Studies


This webinar is part of a series sponsored by MDS Pharma Services

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June 23/09
Insight and Innovation: Novel Approaches to Safety Pharmacology and Toxicology in the 21st Century
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June 18/09
Advances in Oncology Drug Development: Linking Drug Response Phenotypes to Multiplex Molecular Signatures
  • Senior Scientific Leaders
  • Heads of Preclinical Development and/or Preclinical Safety Pharmacology and Toxicology
  • Toxicology Outsourcing Decision makers

Within mid-size to large pharmaceutical companies and large biotech companies


Dr. Stéphane Milano, Vice President, Drug Safety Assessment, MDS Pharma Services  

Dr. Stéphane Milano holds Ph.D. in Pharmacology from the University of Marseilles in France. He joined MDS Pharma Service six years ago to set up the safety pharmacology department in Lyon, France. Currently, Dr. Milano is managing the safety pharmacology, clinical pathology, genetic toxicology, analytical chemistry, bioanalytical and formulation departments.


He has over 15 years of expertise in the areas of pharmacology and physiology and has authored over 30 scientific papers and abstracts. Dr. Milano has a strong background in research and drug development, formerly working as a senior R&D program manager for Jouveinal Laboratories, Parke Davis and Pfizer.  He also has filed two patents on the use of recombinant gastric lipase for treating functional dyspepsia and modified PAR receptors for selecting compounds. Dr. Milano is a member of the Safety Pharmacology Society.

Paul Barrow, Director of Toxicology, MDS Pharma Services  

Paul Barrow is Director of Toxicology at MDS Pharma Services’ drug safety assessment site in Lyon, France. He has been with the company for 20 years. Over the years, Paul has published dozens of peer-reviewed papers, textbooks and book chapters in the field of toxicology.  He frequently presents his work at international scientific meetings. Paul also lectures in toxicology at schools of Medicine, Pharmacy and Veterinary Science in France and the UK.

Previously, Paul worked for a contract research organisation in Italy for five years, after being initially trained as a regulatory toxicologist with a major pharmaceutical company in the United Kingdom.  He is a member of the Society of Toxicology, the Teratology Society, the European Teratology Society, Eurotox and the European Register of Toxicologists. He sits on the Editorial Board of the journal Reproductive Toxicology.

Sarah Merrett, Lean Sigma Black Belt, MDS Pharma Services  

Sarah Merrett is a certified LeanSigma Black Belt and has worked at the MDS Drug Safety Assessment site in Lyon, France since 1994.

Sarah was the first Green Belt on-site, having trained within the MDS LeanSigma program in 2006 and she moved into the Black Belt role in 2007. She oversees and coaches the team of Green Belts now with 10 trained employees and the portfolio of 12 ongoing projects.

Prior to being a full-time LeanSigma practionner, Sarah worked as PA to DSA’s Managing Director and Finance Director and was active in the implementation of management tools such as the Balanced Scorecard.

She holds an advanced degree in Business Administration and before joining MDS held diverse administrative positions after having started out as an infant school teacher in a bilingual school.


MDS Pharma Services, a business unit of MDS Inc., is committed to delivering quality service on time. We offer a full spectrum of resources to meet the drug discovery and development needs of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. With numerous facilities strategically located around the world, we apply advanced scientific and technological expertise throughout the drug discovery and development process - from lead optimization, pre-IND research, early clinical research (bioequivalence, phases I-IIa) and bioanalysis through to global clinical development (phases IIb-IV), central lab and centralized cardiac services.   For more information, visit our website at www.mdsps.com.



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