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June 15, 2009

Invest in Spain: Business Opportunities in the Spanish Environmental and Water Sectors

Speakers for this event:
  • Camilla Sharp,  Investor Services Manager (Environmental Sector) , INVEST IN SPAIN  Learn More
  • Patricia Rullán de la Mata , Project Manager, TECNOMA S.A. Spain  Learn More
  • Benito Reig, President, 13 12 agua y recursos s.l.  Learn More
  • Invest in Spain: Business Opportunities in the Spanish Environmental and Water Sectors

    This presentation is designed to highlight the areas where Spain faces significant challenges in order to comply with EU environmental practice guidelines. In each case, it looks unlikely that Spain’s own resources will be sufficient to introduce the number of changes required within the timeframes stipulated. We therefore believe that these are interesting opportunities where foreign companies could play a welcome role in solving problems through techniques whose speed, accuracy, cost or other characteristics offer advantages over existing alternatives.

    Most opportunities are connected with waste treatment, both municipal and hazardous, with particular emphasis on certain materials such as plastics and rubber, and including separation and energy generation. We shall also be discussing areas for which the Spanish government has budgeted generous sums, such as soil remediation and certain elements of the water distribution infrastructure, that offer exciting possibilities for companies with the right product.


    This webinar is addressed to CEOs, VPs, Business Development, Operations and Strategy Managers from foreign enterprises seeking to set up or expand their business in Spain.

    The webinar is open to companies with technology or services that could enable them to take advantage of the following business opportunities:

    • Selective collection of organic MSW
    • Certain elements of end-of-life vehicles: glass, plastic, wood, textiles, foam, catalysers, oils and brake fluid
    • New ideas for end-of-life tires
    • Plastics treatment, especially agricultural plastics
    • Generation of biogas from livestock manure or landfill
    • Hazardous waste treatment including hospital waste
    • Soil remediation
    • Small, modular waste water treatment plants for small residential areas or those in protected rural or green belt zones
    • Remote control systems for pipe leakage etc.

    Camilla Sharp,  Investor Services Manager (Environmental Sector) , INVEST IN SPAIN  

    Camilla Sharp has been Invest in Spain's environmental sector specialist since its creation in 2006.  During this time, she has worked with a wide variety of foreign companies introducing waste treatment, soil remediation and water technologies into Spain.


    Prior to the creation of Invest in Spain, Camilla worked for the inward investment bodies of the regional government of Madrid.


    Before she came to Spain, she worked in London in venture capital, management consultancy, market research and journalism.

    Patricia Rullán de la Mata , Project Manager, TECNOMA S.A. Spain  

    As a project manager, Patricia has been in charge of the technical design and managerial coordination of a broad range of projects and studies. Her main experience  is in the development and supervision of environmental studies,  with particular emphasis on the analysis and assessment o f the environmental impact   of transport infrastructure,  the  environmental integration of civil construction,  the conservation of  natural resources ,  noise impact assessment, due diligence and waste treatment.


    Patricia has also been responsible for international projects, such as the environmental assessment for the Plovdiv-Svilengrad Railway Electrification & Upgrading of Corridors IV & IX (Bulgaria) or the Soil contamination study at plot number 7, in Vigo´s Technological Park for a Japanese enterprise.

    Benito Reig, President, 13 12 agua y recursos s.l.

    With a background on civil engineering he has specialized on water treatment and his work over the last 20 years both for the private sector and for the public administration, both in Spain and abroad, has provided him with a comprehensive knowledge of the Spanish Water Sector.


    He has worked for the Spanish public administration implementing European Water Directives on different projects; for international bodies like the World Bank and the European Commission; and for almost all the mayor Spanish Construction Companies (Drace, Dragados,OHL, FCC, etc.) as well as for the major Spanish engineering firms (Inima, Spa, Valoriza, Grusamar) designing more that 200 water treatment installations (water, wastewater and seawater) mostly in Spain but also in China, Algeria, Chile, Ecuador, Oman or Tunisia.


    On 2005 he founded his own engineering and consulting firm “13 12 agua y recursos” where he acts as principal technician and director.


    INVEST IN SPAIN is the leading Government organization that supports foreign companies seeking to set up or expand their business in Spain. The organization provides comprehensive, efficient and confidential consultation at no cost during all stages of the investment process, from planning and evaluation, to start-up and post-investment services.

    The services include the provision of information, analysis and tailor-made reports on a wide range of topics including project costs, tax and incentives, administrative procedures, etc. The dedicated and professional guidance is guaranteed by assigning a project manager to the case who will become the long-term strategic partner.

    Being fully committed with the environmental industry, INVEST IN SPAIN is focused on highlighting the strengths and encouraging the development of environment in Spain, working closely with the national network of regional promotion agencies and the main actors of the Environment in Spain.

    For more information about Spain, visit http://www.investinspain.org/ 

    For information about the recorded archive for this event contact Xtalks at (416) 977-6555 ext 371, or email register@xtalks.com

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