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March 12, 2009
Lessons Learned From SaaS CEOs

Speakers for this Roundtable:
  • Kelly Beardmore, Chief Technical and Security Officer, Tenzing  Learn More
  • Gus Harsfai, President and CEO, Ceryx Inc.   Learn More
  • Charles Cyna, President and CEO, ThinkITSM Inc.   Learn More
  • Jack Milunsky, Chief Operating Officer, Brightspark3  Learn More
  • Rob Kent, Partner Account Manager, Software & Services Partner Channel, Microsoft Canada  Learn More

Lessons Learned From SaaS CEOs

For many ISVs, SaaS is a new way of doing business. There is no executive handbook on how to best balance the risks and rewards of creating and delivering business or information services online.


The best approach is to learn from the successes and mistakes of others who have beaten down the path before you. Whether you are investigating the potential of the SaaS model, looking for a path to SaaS friendly venture capital, or want advice on some of the operational pitfalls to avoid, this webinar will be enlightening.


This format of this webinar will be an open round table, featuring the veteran SaaS CEO from Ceryx Inc. as well as newcomer, ThinkITSM Corporation. You will also hear from SaaS vendors such as Microsoft and Tenzing and have a chance to network and learn from peers who face the same challenges and opportunities.




Business Challenges

  • Finance: Venture capital and managing for upfront costs
  • Software licensing
  • Crafting Service Level Agreements for SaaS
  • Achieving and maintaining customer satisfaction


Technical Challenges

  • Scaling and Optimizing
  • Security and Compliance
  • Billing: the decision to build, buy or lease
  • Development Cycles
  • Disaster Recovery

 This webinar is part of a series on Software as a Service (SaaS)

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Lessons Learned From SaaS CEOs

  • CIOs

  • CFOs

  • CTOs

  • CSOs, CISOs 

  • Chief Compliance Officers

  • VPs, Directors, Managers of IT/ IT Security

  • VPs, Directors, Managers of Network Architecture/Infrastructure

  • VPs, Directors, Managers of Risk/ Risk Management

Kelly Beardmore, Chief Technical and Security Officer, Tenzing  

Kelly Beardmore has helped build Tenzing into a leading provider of managed IT services for companies with business-critical Internet application through his vision and dedication to operational excellence. Kelly is a member of Microsoft, HP and Novell technology advisory councils and was RackForce Hosting Inc.'s Operations Manager and Business Strategist for three years before moving to Tenzing in October of 2004. Kelly holds a Bachelors Degree in Politics from the University of British Columbia and a Masters Degree in Contemporary Political and Social Thought from the University of Victoria.

Gus Harsfai, President and CEO, Ceryx Inc.

Gus Harsfai is one of the leading experts on Microsoft Exchange and SaaS delivery in North America and has provided messaging expertise and counsel to Fortune 500 companies for nearly 20 years. Gus founded the company that eventually became Ceryx in 1989 and oversaw hosted messaging deployments and migrations for the Government of Canada, Unilever, Baker and McKenzie, Pharma Plus, Magna Entertainment, Yellow Pages and other companies throughout Canada, the United States and South America.

Gus' efforts earned the company the distinction of being the primary source for email related services throughout the Fortune 500 community. He is regularly quoted in the media on topics related to messaging, Microsoft Exchange, and Ceryx' effective approach to spam management and messaging security.

Charles Cyna, President and CEO, ThinkITSM Inc.

Charles brings over 14 years experience in the IT Service Management industry and 10 years running a technology company with offices in Canada and the USA. After working with Claris UK, the software subsidiary of Apple Inc. and launching their Windows product line in Hong Kong, he moved to Canada to establish a Help Desk division. Charles was integral to establishing the HEAT help desk brand in Canada through a distribution arm that sold help desk software to over 400 companies including CIBC, KPMG Canada and Maple Leaf Foods  to name but a few.


In 1999, Charles co-founded Avante Solutions, a leading service desk and CRM consulting company. In 2007, Charles started exploring ways in which organizations of any size could reduce the cost and complexity involved in delivering IT Services to their employees. ThinkITSM Corporation is the culmination of this original vision to make great IT Service Delivery accessible to any organization no matter their size or budgetary constraints. 

Jack Milunsky, Chief Operating Officer, Brightspark3  

As Chief Operating Officer and Scrum Master Jack Milunsky heads software implementation at Brightspark3, he leads the teams’ efforts in building and implementing innovative products using the Agile methodology and scrum tactics.

Jack combines 18 years of experience managing software development teams both large and small. He is an early adopter of Agile and has a great passion for early stage startups.

Prior to joining Brightspark 3.0, Jack was VP of R&D at Tira Wireless where he was responsible for driving technological innovation in the company. He has held many senior positions in Hi Tech companies across diverse industries. He was the Director of R&D for Delano Technology Corp and he also served as the Director of R&D for Symantec/Delrina Corp.

Jack holds a BSC Elec (Eng) degree from the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa and completed Business Administration from the Stanford University Business School.



Rob Kent, Partner Account Manager, Software & Services Partner Channel, Microsoft Canada  

Rob Kent is a Partner Account Manager for the Software+Services Partner Channel at Microsoft Canada.  Rob has spent the last 12 years focused on the service provider and hosting industries working in various technical and business development capacities for TELUS, Fibrewired and a number of small start-ups.  In his current role he works with hosting providers and ISV’s within the Microsoft Partner ecosystem to help develop and evolve their Software +Services strategy.


Tenzing specializes in providing fully managed, enterprise-class hosting services for companies with mission-critical Windows, Linux, Unix and High End Database Internet applications.  Our principal approach is delivered through highly qualified and certified technical professionals utilizing the best ITIL service delivery practices. We are passionate about building and operating the most resilient, secure and performance optimized web delivery infrastructures.



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