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Tuesday, September 22, 2009
Healthcare Modeling Part 3:  Cost Effectiveness of Personalized Medicine
Speaker for this event:
  • Peter Alperin, M.D., Medical Director, Archimedes  Learn More
  • Healthcare Modeling Part 3: Cost Effectiveness of Personalized Medicine

    Personalized medicine has attracted a great deal of attention from payers in recent years. The underlying premise of personalized medicine is the use of genetic information to ensure that new and existing medical interventions are used more effectively and more safely. This will help to deliver medications to the right patient, at the right dose, at the right time while minimizing side effects. However, as a new healthcare technology, it is important to quantify the impact of genetic testing/screening on both clinical and economic outcomes and to demonstrate the overall benefit of personalized medicine in comparison to standard treatment.


    In this webinar Peter Alperin, M.D., Medical Director at Archimedes, Inc., will explain the Archimedes Model - a scientifically and clinically validated mathematical model that has been in development for over 15 years, and how to use the Archimedes Model to evaluate cost-effectiveness of genetic testing/screening.


    The participant will leave the presentation:

    • Understanding, in general terms, how the Archimedes Model works
    • Understanding how the Archimedes model enables you to deliver substantial value to your organization by more accurately answering critical question about efficacy, costs, and target markets
    • Understanding how the Archimedes model enables you to conduct simulations of real-world settings to distinguish your product’s clinical and economic benefits from your competition with regards to specific target (sub) populations

    This webinar is part of a series on Healthcare Modeling


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    Individuals in Health Economics and Outcomes Research Teams of Pharmaceutical companies, Medical Device manufacturers, and Biotechnology organizations


    Individuals in Marketing and Product Brand Teams of Pharmaceutical companies, Medical Device manufacturers, and Biotechnology organizations


    Peter Alperin, M.D., Medical Director, Archimedes  

    Peter Alperin, MD is Medical Director at Archimedes.  His primary responsibilities include managing client engagements as well as ensuring that the Model grows to include the most relevant topics challenging healthcare.  He also is intimately involved in Archimedes product development.  In his role he ensures that the model is focused on the key aspects of a client’s questions and serves as a direct link between the client and the Archimedes scientific staff. Peter has over 14 years of healthcare experience including work in software development and informatics.  He still sees patients and is an Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine at UCSF.  Peter has a BA in Biochemistry from UC Berkeley, where he graduated summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa. He received his MD degree from Southwestern Medical School where he was an AOA graduate.


    Archimedes is a Healthcare Modeling company that has built a large scale simulation model of physiology, disease, interventions, and healthcare systems.


    The Model is written at a high level of detail using object-oriented programming and run on a distributed computing network. The core of the Model is a set of ordinary and differential equations that represent the physiological pathways pertinent to diseases and their complications. The Model includes aspects of diseases and healthcare systems needed to analyze downstream clinical events, utilization, and costs including: signs and symptoms; patient behaviors in seeking care; patient encounters with the health care system (e.g. emergency room visits, office visits, and admissions); protocols and guidelines; tests and treatments; provider behaviors and performance; patient adherence to treatment recommendations; and clinical events that affect logistics, utilization, and financial costs. The Model is flexible, validated against more than 50 clinical trials, and helps decision makers understand the likely outcomes of interventions.


    To learn more about the Archimedes Model visit www.archimedesmodel.com/modeling


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