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 Cloud-based Biotech: Managing Data for All Stages of Drug Development
The new wave of targeted, biomarker-based therapies have the potential to be very effective in a small patient population. Since the market for these therapies is smaller than that of blockbuster drugs of years past, biotech companies must make rapid, data-driven decisions regarding the fate of a biologic.

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Drugs Ratings Online Database for Physicians Launched by Sermo
Physicians’ social media network, Sermo, has launched a new database for prescription drugs featuring ratings, reviews and comments.

Researchers Urge FDA to Update Guidance for Alzheimer’s Drug Approvals
Alzheimer’s disease drugs are notoriously difficult to develop, as they often show efficacy in early stage clinical trials but fail to meet critical endpoints when it comes to the pivotal Phase III study.

Large Cyber-Attack on UK Hospitals and NHS Disrupts Healthcare Service
A large-scale cyber-attack has hit a number of National Health Service (NIH) run hospitals in the UK, disrupting service and prompting healthcare workers to postpone non-emergency procedures.

Chemotherapy after Surgery Reduces Risk of Bladder Cancer Recurrence
A large US study has found that treating bladder cancer patients with a common chemotherapy agent after surgically removing their tumor, can significantly help prevent the cancer from coming back.


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