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Xtalks’ turnkey webinar solution has been developed to connect service providers with decision makers across the global Life Sciences’ community. With over a decade of experience delivering webinars to practitioners within Pharmaceutical & Biotech companies, as well as Research & Academic Institutions, Xtalks has an unchallenged understanding of how best to reach and engage a sophisticated Life Science audience.Xtalks Webinars

Every year tens of thousands of Life Science professionals attend our live webinars and access our recorded content. Today, the Xtalks’ webinar library boasts the world’s most comprehensive collection of on-demand Life Science presentations. As the pioneer in field of Life Science webinar production and audience building, Xtalks is the first-choice solution for many of the industry’s leading service providers.

Whether you are looking to generate quality leads, re-qualify existing contacts, raise brand awareness or increase your global reach, Xtalks will work with you to tailor your campaigns accordingly. We are 100% focused on producing webinars targeted at Life Science practitioners and are therefore uniquely placed to guarantee results.

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  • "Being able to have somebody that you can work with to figure out the messaging, the core audience, and really get the word out on your behalf, is really invaluable to me. Having Xtalks there to do that, has been extremely beneficial for us." – Keith Hoffman, Director of Marketing, Terso Solutions, Inc.

  • "We’re thrilled with what you did. You really helped us exceed targets. Xtalks certainly comes with my personal recommendation." – Kuno Van der Post, Sr. VP, Business Development, OmniComm Systems.

  • "I feel like we’ve really had a good two-way partnership in bringing together the many components necessary to make our webinars successful. I’ve also been impressed by the customer support at Xtalks. Customer service is really important to me because like most marketers, I’ve got a million priorities and campaigns running at any given time, so working with the same people and processes adds a level of trust and consistency that is required for smooth operations and a long-term partnership." – Bernie Clark, Director, Global Marketing and Communications, Labcorp


Questions? To discuss an opportunity with a consultant:

Telephone: (416)-977-6555 x289

Email: sponsorship(at)xtalks.com

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