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Xtalks On Demand Archives - Government

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LifeSciences Government/Healthcare - Optimal decision making in healthcare requires the ability to make accurate forecasts of the consequences of various clinical or policy options. This webinar will focus on the use of simulation modeling as a tool for making forecasts.
Speaker: Mark S. Roberts, MD, MPP Professor and Chair, Department of Health Policy and Management, University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health, Professor of Medicine, Industrial Engineering and Clinical and Translational Science
Data Analytics and Modeling for Better Decisions in Government Healthcare Jul 10/13
BusinessStrategy Manufacturing/Supply Chain - Learn the basics of a hosted RFID Inventory Management solution, how to integrate with existing systems to significantly reduce costs, and how to reduce the risks usually associated with RFID Inventory Management projects
Speakers:Joe Pleshek, President and CEO, Terso Solutions, Inc.
Nathan Cowan, General Manager of Global Sales, HubSpan
Tracy Hillstrom, Sr. Product Line Manager, Impinj, Inc.
Understanding RFID in the “Cloud”: A Look at the Future of RFID Software Dec 9/10
BusinessStrategy Media & Marketing/IT/Government - In this webinar, the Platt Retail Institute (PRI) will discuss its just-released research that answers the following questions: Of the methods that are being used by universities to communicate with their students, which are effective? How can emerging digital technologies be deployed to enhance the administrator-student information flow?
Speakers: Steve Acquista, Director of Digital Signage, Black Box Network Services
Steven Keith Platt, Director, Platt Retail Institute
Communication Effectiveness in Higher Education Nov 9/10
Government Government/IT - This webinar for law enforcement and government officials will discuss the various aspects of capturing a running system including encryption, accessing RAM vs. a disk drive, volatile memory, maximizing forensic seizure, logical copy, and more
Speakers: Jeffrey D. Evans, FBI, Computer Analysis Response Team, FBI-Phoenix Division
SSA James E. Harris, Jr., FBI, Cyber Division
SSA Darrin Jones, FBI, Laboratory Director, New Mexico RCFL
Jesse Taylor, FBI, Senior Cryptologic Mathematician, Cryptologic and Electronic Analysis Unit
Capturing a Running Computer System: What Every Digital Forensics & Cyber Professional Should Know Oct 14/10
Government Government/Green Energy - This presentation will provide a focus on renewable/alternative energy options (solar, wind, biomass, landfill gas and waste-to-energy), giving an overview and examples of each, and Federal incentives in place to help cities realize renewable/alternative options
Speakers: Scott Keeley, Business Development Manager, Alternative and Renewable Energy, Siemens Building Technologies
Nelson Oliva, City Manager, City of Hercules
Municipalities and Renewable Energy: Assessing What Option(s) is Right for You Dec 8/09
GreenEnterprise Green Enterprise - Our panel from URSCorp discusses lessons learnt critical to successful LEED certification, including: Starting early; Ensuring thorough documentation and specification; Persistently tracking progress throughout design and construction.
Speakers: Ryan Archer, Sustainable Designer; Angela Rivera, Sustainable Designer;
Danette Hauck, Mechanical Engineer / Project Manager
LEED Certification - Important Lessons Learned November 12/09
Government Government/IT - This webinar for law enforcement and government officials will discuss the proper handling of handheld devices at crime scenes, basic data recovery, legal issues and more
Speakers: Sergeant Alan Lee, San Jose Police Department, Computer Forensics Examiner/Silicon Valley RCFL
Curtis Thomas, Electronics Engineer, FBI
Managing Mobile Forensics: What Every Peace Officer Must Know Oct 14/09
GreenEnterprise Green Enterprise/Healthcare/Government - Through project examples our panel will illustrate its multi-disciplinary approach to the successful implementation of sustainable and holistic strategies on several projects
Speakers: Jeff Hammond, Senior Architect, Facility Planning and Development Department, Spectrum Health
Ryan Archer (Sustainable Designer), Angela Rivera (Sustainable Designer), Mark Wutz (Sr. Mechanical Engineer), URS Corporation
Cost- Effective Green Building Strategies: Healthcare and Federal Government Applications Mar18/09
Government Government/IT - Embracing IPv6 technology has many advantages, including improved routing capabilities and enhanced mobility features for wireless use
Speakers: Dave West, Director, Field Operations Federal Center of Excellence, Cisco Systems, Inc.
. D. Sean Siler, Program Manager for IPv6, Microsoft Corporation
Exploring IPv6 - The Internet Protocol of Infinite Possibilities June 20/07
Government Government/IT - Tactics for meeting the transition requirements
Speakers: Peter Tseronis, Co-Chair, CIO Council's IPv6 Working Group
Stan Barber, Vice President, NTT America
Tony Hain, Senior Technical Leader, IPv6 Technologies, Cisco Systems
IPv6 Transition within Government: What the Future Holds Feb 7/07
Government IT - Improving Quality and Efficiency in Customer Care
Speakers: Daryl Covey, Chief Field Support Section at NEXRAD Operational Support Facility and President and Founder of the Government Customer Support Community of Practice
Rick Glew, Director of Marketing, IEX
Randy Saunders, Marketing Manager, Customer Experience Management Systems, Cincom Systems
Government Contact Centers Nov 15/06
Government Government/IT - Dick Burk will deliver a keynote presentation on the OMB’s vision for IPv6 and offer suggestions on how to implement it seamlessly into your agency
Speakers: Richard Burk, Chief Architect and Director of the Federal Enterprise Architecture Program, Office of Management and Budget
Yurie Rich, Business Director of NAv6TF
IPV6 Transition Dec 12/05
Government Government/IT - Information regarding the development and content of FIPS 201, the standard's associated information security recommendations and guidelines, and the status of inter-agency implementation activities
Speakers: William Barker, Program Manager NIST Personal Identity Verification Project, National Institute of Standards and Technology
John G Moore, Chair Federal Smart Card Project Managers, GSA Office of Technology Strategy (ME)
HSPD-12: Smart Cards for Government Oct 18/05

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