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November 30, 2006, 1:00 – 3:00pm ET
Grid Computing in Financial Services--Toward True IT Agility

- Eric Kristoff, Director of IT, UBS Learn More
- Stevan D. Vidich, PhD, MCSD, SCJP, Industry Architect, Financial Services Group, Microsoft Learn More
- John Powers, Founder & President, Digipede Technologies Learn More

Overcoming Complexity and Security Issues

Grids use the resources of many separate computers connected by a network to solve large scale computation problems. Grids provide the ability to perform many more computations at once  than would be possible on a single computer or to perform many more transactions in parallel.

Grids offer a way of using the information technology resources optimally inside an organization. Financial organizations around the world are benefiting from grid computing today in such diverse areas as risk analysis, pricing of exotic derivatives, trading analytics and wealth management.

Current issues with grid implementation are lack of standards, a lack of demonstrated reliability, and a long learning curve in adapting applications for distributed computing. Have mainstream enterprise customers been slow to implement grid systems due to these issues? Have we realized the potential economies of scale and agility of a true enterprise grid?

Attend this web conference to hear our speakers discuss strategies for resolving the security and complexity issues of setting up a grid computing system and how to effectively optimize the power of that system across the enterprise.


SVPs, VPs, Directors, & Managers of:

  • IT
  • Risk Management
  • Pricing
  • Trading
  • Analytics
  • Architecture
  • Infrastructure
  • Software Engineering
  • Software Development

Digipede Technologies delivers grid computing software that dramatically improves the performance of financial applications by distributing execution across a network of Windows desktops, servers, and cluster nodes. Built entirely on .NET, the Digipede Network works with Microsoft tools including Excel and Visual Studio, and is radically easier to buy, install, learn, and use than other grid systems. www.digipede.net


Mark StevensStevan D. Vidich, PhD, MCSD, SCJP, Industry Architect, Financial Services Group, Microsoft Corporation

Stevan Vidich is Microsoft's Industry Architect for US Capital Markets.  He is responsible for developing Microsoft's technology strategy and working with key industry players on the adoption of Microsoft's technology in Financial Markets.

Stevan's information technology career spans more than 17 years.  During the last 8 years, Stevan has been focused exclusively on software development, architecture, and technology strategy in Financial Services.  He joined Microsoft's Financial Services Group in 2001 as Technology Specialist focused on Banking and Capital Markets.  He specializes in .NET development, platform strategy, competitive technologies, enterprise application integration, and business process modeling.  Stevan also works closely with Microsoft partners responsible for many key software applications used by Capital Markets firms.

Prior to joining Microsoft, Stevan worked for Integrated Information Systems, Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, as Solution Architect and Market Leader for Financial Services.  Stevan holds MS and PhD degrees from Cornell University in Geotechnical Engineering, and also has Microsoft and Sun programming certifications.

Mark Stevens John Powers, Founder & President, Digipede Technologies

Mr. Powers, founder and president of Digipede Technologies, is an economist with more than two decades of entrepreneurial experience. He has guided the development, marketing, and sale of software systems for more than 10 years.  A successful technology innovator and entrepreneur, he is a frequent presenter at industry conferences on grid computing and related topics.  Prior to Digipede, he founded Energy Interactive (EI), a pioneering energy information software company that developed leading enterprise applications for the electric utility industry. After EI was acquired by ABB, he led that company’s Retail Energy Software group.  He holds an MA in Economics from the University of California at Berkeley, and a BA in Economics from Reed College.

Eric Kristoff, Director of IT, UBS

Eric is a Director of IT and has been with UBS since 1996, with most of that time spent advancing emerging technologies and distributed systems. He led the introduction of eCommerce systems in the 1990s, is co-inventor of patented instant messaging technology, and has led the effort to forge and support the UBS grid computing strategy.  Eric currently works in the Technical Council team in the CIO's office, leading projects related to data centre strategy and high performance computing. 

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