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As part of its Continuing Education Series, the FBI’s Regional Computer Forensics Laboratory (RCFL) Program along with the Digital Evidence Laboratory’s Computer Analysis Response Team (CART) and Cryptologic and Electronic Analysis Unit (CEAU), are offering a free Webinar to members of law enforcement and government agencies. During this two-hour live event, participants will learn –

  • The FBI’s definition of what live capture is – and isn’t – from a digital forensics perspective
  • Under what circumstances capturing a running computer system is warranted
  • The pros and cons of capturing a running computer system
  • Best practices at crimes scenes such as kidnappings or crimes against children, as they pertain to live capture situations.
  • Participants will also hear from the FBI’s top experts about the various aspects of capturing a running system including encryption, accessing RAM vs. a disk drive, volatile memory, maximizing forensic seizure, logical copy, and more.



  • Jeffrey D. Evans, FBI, Computer Analysis Response Team, FBI-Phoenix Division
  • SSA James E. Harris, Jr., FBI, Cyber Division
  • SSA Darrin Jones, FBI, Laboratory Director, New Mexico RCFL
  • Jesse Taylor, FBI, Senior Cryptologic Mathematician, Cryptologic and Electronic
        Analysis Unit
  • Learn more about our panelists  Learn More


    This Webinar is Sponsored by the FBI’s Digital Evidence Laboratory’s CART and CEAU, and the RCFL Program—America’s Premier and Most Accredited Digital Forensics Laboratory Network


    The FBI's mission is to protect and defend the U.S. against terrorist and foreign intelligence threats, to uphold and enforce the criminal laws of the U.S., and to provide leadership and criminal justice services to federal, state, municipal and international agencies and partners.




    The RCFL Program is a national network of FBI sponsored, full-service digital forensics  laboratories and training centers.

    To learn more about the RCFL Program’s many other training offerings, visit http://www.rcfl.gov/




    CART’s mission is to provide digital forensics capabilities, services and support to the FBI, intelligence organizations and other law enforcement agencies.

    Jeffrey D. Evans, FBI, Computer Analysis Response Team, FBI-Phoenix Division

    Jeffrey Evans is an Information Technology Specialist/Forensic Examiner (ITS/FE) with the FBI’s Computer Analysis Response Team (CART). Prior to joining the FBI in 2004, Mr. Evans was a Computer Programmer for Michigan State University; a System Administrator for the State of Michigan’s Department of Agriculture; and held the same position in the private sector. Mr. Evans holds a Bachelor of Computer Science from the College of Engineering at Michigan State University. He is a certified Forensics Examiner with the CART Program, and also holds certifications in Wintel and Unix.

    SSA James E. Harris, Jr., FBI, Cyber Division

    SSA Harris is the Acting Unit Chief for the FBI’s Cyber Criminal Unit 2. He became an FBI Special Agent in 2002, and served in the Sacramento Division’s Cyber and Computer Analysis Response Team Unit, before being promoted to the rank of supervisor. In March 2010, he was assigned to FBI Headquarters in Cyber’s Criminal Section. Prior to joining the FBI, SSA Harris worked for IBM for six years as a PC Company Engineer/Scientist, and was a Senior Field Applications Engineer for Silicon Image, Inc. SSA Harris holds a Bachelor of Science in physics from North Carolina State University and is an EnCase certified Examiner and a certified Information Systems Security Professional.

    SSA Darrin Jones, FBI, Laboratory Director, New Mexico RCFL

    SSA Darrin Jones joined the FBI in 1997 and was first assigned to the Salt Lake City Division where he investigated international drug trafficking, cyber crime and spent over two years doing counterterrorism planning for the 2002 Olympics. In 2003, SSA Jones served in FBI headquarters Office of Congressional Affairs before being assigned to the Operational Technology Division (OTD) at Quantico, where he created the Technical Liaison Office. SSA Jones transferred to the Albuquerque Division’s Cyber Program and managed both criminal cyber cases and national security intrusion investigations. In 2009, SSA Jones was selected as the director of the New Mexico Regional Computer Forensics Laboratory (NMRCFL).

    Jesse Taylor, FBI, Senior Cryptologic Mathematician, Cryptologic and Electronic Analysis Unit

    Jesse Taylor is a Senior Cryptologic Mathematician with the FBI’s Cryptologic and Electronic Analysis Unit (CEAU), where he focuses primarily on cryptanalysis and vulnerability research. Mr. Taylor is an encryption expert and has 14 years of service with the FBI.

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