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Xtalks On Demand Archives - Finance and Investments

  Synopsis Webinar Title Date
LifeSciences Finance - Insight on the recent methods in cash-flow management and will demonstrate live the benefits of closely conducting a forecast strategy
Speaker: Gareth Hewitt, Senior Consultant, eFront
Cash Flow Management for Private Equity May 18/10
LifeSciences Finance/IT - An examination of five strategic challenges facing an organization attempting to navigate the PCI compliance landscape, and how to turn these challenges into a strategic PCI approach
Speaker: Gavin Millard, Technical Director - International, Tripwire
5 Strategic Challenges to Passing a PCI DSS Audit Mar 10/10
Finance Finance/IT/Supply Chain - Learn about the 4 key steps to automate the P2P process for ALL types of invoices, even non-PO invoices
Speaker:Deborah Close, Executive Vice President, DO2 Technologies Inc.
How to Automate Procure-to-Pay for Non-PO Invoices Nov 19/09
Finance Finance/IT/Supply Chain - Electronic invoicing can revolutionalize your accounts payable processes, and save you millions of dollars a year
Speakers:Duncan Jones, Senior Analyst, Forrester Research Inc.
Deborah Close, Executive Vice President – Marketing, DO2 Technologies Inc.
The Business Case for eInvoicing: Low Risk, High Return, Rapid Payout Sep 17/09
Finance Finance/Strategy - Learn how to improve planning and decision-making processes, from conception to execution. This webinar will focus on specific ways you can strike the right balance between sales, operations, and finance
Speakers:Steve Player, Program Director, Beyond Budgeting Round Table (BBRT), North America Region
Ron Wilson, Director of Business Development, CPG, River Logic
Srikanth Srinivas, Director of Consulting Services, River Logic
Making Better Decisions to Facilitate Profitable Growth in Turbulent Times Nov 20/08
IT IT/Finance - Insight into the updated version of the Data Security Standards
Speakers: Bob Russo, General Manager, PCI Data Security Standards Council
Mike Hastie, SOA Practice Director, Prolifics
Introducing PCI Version 1.2: Best Practices for Integrating Compliance to Enhance Your Organization's Overall Security Oct 30/08
Finance Finance/Strategy - This webinar is part of River Logic’s Real-World Webinar series, delivering timely and relevant content to remove organizational “disconnects” while turning planning into a strategic advantage
Speakers:George Manners, Ph.D., Professor of Accounting and Management, Coles College of Business at Kennesaw State University, and Author, Six Levels of Financial Knowledge
Nathan Goldstein, Director of Client Services, River Logic
Integrated Business Planning Delivers Superior Financial Outcomes Sep 30/08
Finance Finance & Banking - A discussion of the opportunities for streamlining and integrating risk and control management processes and how an organization can move SOX from a separate program to an integrated aspect of a larger risk and control program
Speakers:Scott Kwarta, Director, Professional & Advisory Services, OpenPages
Sanjay Anand, Chairperson, Sarbanes-Oxley Institute
Evolving SOX To An Integrated Risk & Control Program Sep 18/08
IT IT/Finance - A discussion of the challenges of effectively managing your PCI compliance and how to manage PCI as an easily maintainable operational process that can be leveraged for other and future efforts
Speakers: Dorian Cougias, CEO, Network Frontiers, and Participating Organization, PCI Security Standards Council
Geoff Webb, Senior Product Marketing Manager, NetIQ
Living with PCI and Streamlining Your Compliance Efforts Aug 5/08
Finance Finance/IT - This webcast will discuss how to deploy a continuous roles lifecycle management process and ensure regulatory compliance
Speaker: Deepak Taneja Founder & CTO, Aveksa
Roles-Based Access Governance: Best Practices July 17/08
Finance Finance - Learn how to merge your corporate strategy with your budgets
Speakers: Craig Schiff, President & CEO, BPM Partners
Russell Shipe, VP of Finance, Brunswick Electric Membership Corp.
Nicole Laplante, PMarketing Manager, PROPHIX
Strategic Budgeting: Aligning Budgets to Business Performance Planning June 17/08
IT IT/Finance - This webinar provides an overview of the current state of the payment card industry and the functions of the PCI Data Security Standards Council, including possible changes/revisions/updates to the Standard in the future.
Speakers: Bob Russo, General Manager, PCI Data Security Standards Council
Chrisan Herrod, Vice President Compliance Solutions, Compliance Spectrum
Beyond Compliance: Implementing a Successful PCI DSS Program That Translates Into Long Term ROI Benefits June 9/08
Finance Finance/IT - The SEC has been testing XBRL format and the underlying technology for over 2 years via a Voluntary Filing Program (VFP). This webinar will examine the ramifications of an eventual SEC mandate for companies to file using XBRL technologies.
Speakers: David Blaszkowsky, Director, Office of Interactive Disclosure, SEC
Uma Iyer, Senior Manager, Deloitte & Touche
Jennifer Martell, Senior Manager - External Reporting, Mergers & Acquisitions, Adobe Systems
Mark Bolgiano, President & CEO, XBRL-US
SEC’s Interactive Data Filing Program - Developing an Implementation Framework with XBRL Apr 17/08
Finance Finance - Learn how to use information and data to bring more visibility to current corporate status. Learn best practices for achieving forecast results and allow your organization to put frequent forecasting into concrete practice.
Speakers: Craig Schiff, President & CEO, BPM Partners
Ami Bhandari, VP of Planning, Analysis & Strategy, Lincoln Education
Nicole Laplante, Marketing Manager, PROPHIX
Frequent Forecasting for Improved Business Performance Apr 8/08
Finance Finance - Looking Ahead - Leveraging Financial Consolidation and Enterprise Planning
Speakers: Thomas Willman, Program Leader, Account-to-Report and Enterprise Performance Management Advisory Programs, The Hackett Group
Jeff Holker, Global Director, Cognos Innovation Center for Performance Management, Cognos
Delbert Krause, Director, Product Marketing, Cognos
Achieving the Modern Fast Close: Renewing your Close, Consolidate, Report Process for Performance Insight and Impact (Part 5) Mar 4/08
Finance Finance - Performance and Compliance - Combining To Deliver Financial and Operational Insight
Speakers: Thomas Willman, Program Leader, Account-to-Report and Enterprise Performance Management Advisory Programs, The Hackett Group
Rickard Rygin, Innovation Center Advisor, Cognos
Delbert Krause, Director, Product Marketing, Cognos
Achieving the Modern Fast Close: Renewing your Close, Consolidate, Report Process for Performance Insight and Impact (Part 4) Feb 6/08
BusinessStrategy Business Strategy/Finance - Essential thinking for consultants committed to leveraging technology and ensuring their clients derive maximum benefit from their services
Speakers: Stephen J.L. Page, Chairman and CEO of BPMX Partners
Carlos Centurion, VP Strategy, River Logic
Philip Higginbotham, VP Business Development, River Logic
Management Consultants and Integrated Business Planning: From Tipping Point to Turning Point Jan 28/08
Finance Finance - Ensuring Best Practices for Internal Controls and Financial Consolidation
Speakers: Thomas Willman, Program Leader, Account-to-Report and Enterprise Performance Management Advisory Programs, The Hackett Group
Michael Leech, Consultant, Enterprise Applications, Deloitte
Delbert Krause, Director, Product Marketing, Cognos
Achieving the Modern Fast Close: Renewing your Close, Consolidate, Report Process for Performance Insight and Impact (Part 3) Dec 11/07
Finance Finance - Learn how many of the world's most savvy companies apply technology-enabled best practices to automate the close process, provide faster access to key financial results, leverage existing IT investments, and reduce risk
Speakers:Gary Simon, Group Publisher of Financial Systems News (FSN) and Managing Director of FSN Newswire
Todd Tueller, Managing Partner, IBM Risk Management Practice
Ben Reddall, Solutions Architect, Cognos
Improving Operational Efficiencies to Address SOX Compliance Nov 15/07
Finance Finance - Automating Financial Consolidation - The First, Best Step in Close, Consolidate and Report Makeover
Speakers: Thomas Willman, Program Leader, Account-to-Report and Enterprise Performance Management Advisory Programs, The Hackett Group
Gary Simon, Group Publisher of Financial Systems News (FSN) and Managing Director of FSN Newswire
Delbert Krause, Director, Product Marketing, Cognos
Achieving the Modern Fast Close: Renewing your Close, Consolidate, Report Process for Performance Insight and Impact (Part 2) Nov 13/07
Finance Finance - Delivering Financial Results: With or Without Spreadsheets - That is the Question
Speakers: Thomas Willman, Program Leader, Account-to-Report and Enterprise Performance Management Advisory Programs, The Hackett Group
Paul Allen, ACMA, Global Practice Leader (Cognos Controller), Cognos
Delbert Krause, Director, Product Marketing, Cognos
Achieving the Modern Fast Close : Renewing your Close, Consolidate, Report Process for Performance Insight and Impact (Part 1) Oct 30/07
BusinessStrategy Business Strategy/IT/Finance/Marketing - Your sales and marketing staff need to understand the meaning behind the numbers in order to close the most lucrative opportunities, or to understand which campaigns are most critical in moving leads from awareness to close. Learn how to transform data from CRM systems like salesforce.com into actionable information that drives sales.
Speakers: Steve Williams, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Business Objects
Jason Pamer, Senior Product Manager, Business Objects
Increase Sales with Business Intelligence OnDemand: The Insight Into Your CRM Data Needed to Increase the Bottom Line - Delivered OnDemand Oct 24/07
Finance Finance - Discussion includes a legislative and market overview of the Defined Contribution landscape as well as address trends affecting DC Plan Sponsors, Recordkeepers and Consultants
Speakers: Edward Ng, Managing Director, BlackRock
Thomas Skrobe, Managing Director, BlackRock
Institutional Approaches Bring New Value to Defined Contribution / BlackRock Prepared Portfolios: Target Date Funds Oct 6/07
Finance Finance - Case study with Maher that will discuss the benefits being realized today as a direct result of the future-proofing your finance system
Speakers: Lorraine Soos, Vice President Controller, Maher Terminals
Paul Kevin Roberts, Vice President, Business Development, CODA Financials, Inc.
Future-Proofing Your Finance System Sep 28/07
IT IT/Finance - Includes results of the 2007 survey on The Future of Modeling and Analytics in Consulting
Speakers: Jeff Rich, Founder and CEO, Rich Capital
Carlos Centurion, VP Strategy & Marketing, River Logic
Philip Higginbotham, Vice President Partner Development , River Logic
Consultants and Software: Delivering More Value Faster for a Competitive Edge Sep 25/07
IT IT/Finance - The Future of Payment Card Industry Compliance
Speakers: John Kirkwood, Vice President & Global Information Security Officer, Royal Ahold
A. N. Ananth, CEO, Prism Microsystems, Inc
PCI Data Security Standards Part II Sep 13/07
IT IT/Finance - A Conversation with Dr. Gary McGraw Best Selling Author and Globally Recognized Authority on Software Security
Speakers: Gary McGraw, Ph.D., Chief Technology Officer, Cigital, Inc.
Roger Thornton, Chief Technology Officer, Fortify Software
Thought Leadership Forum: Security Strategies That Work and Lessons Learned From the World’s Leading Financial Institutions Sep 24/07
LifeSciences Life Sciences/Finance - Learn how to get better visibility into your data and improve your understanding of industry trends and drivers to improve overall company ROI
Speakers: George Foldes, Senior Business Analyst, Aspreva Pharmaceuticals
Christopher-Paul Milne, D.V.M., M.P.H., J.D., Associate Director, Tufts Center For The Study Of Drug Development
Tim Knutson, Area Manager, Applix
Better Understanding Industry Trends and Drivers in the Pharma and Biotech Industries through the use of Performance Management (PM) Technology Aug 22/07
Finance Finance - ABC’s of the Portable Alpha “Bet”
Speaker:Kevin T. Hanney, CFA, Vice President, United Technologies Investment Management Company (UTIMCo)
Portable Alpha Strategies June 5/07
Finance Finance - Successful implementation and future applications using XBRL
Speakers:Bob Laux, Director, Technical Accounting and Reporting, Microsoft
Satish Appalakutty, Founder and Chief Architect, NeoClarus
Financial Reporting Using XBRL May 24/07
Finance Finance & Banking - Rethinking your cross-channel strategy
Speakers: Dan Miller, Senior Analyst, Opus Research
Chuck Buffum, Senior Product Evangelist, Phone Authentication, RSA, The Security Division of EMC
Best Practices: Multi-Factor Authentication for Telephone Banking  Apr 19/07
BusinessStrategy Business Strategy/Finance/HR Management - As a followup to our webinar oin Sept 2006, this webinar recaps the best and the worst practices from the most recent proxy statements disclosures
Speakers: Geoffrey Edwards, Associate General Counsel and Assistant Secretary, Wal-Mart
Chuck Loring, SVP, Director, Executive Compensation, Wachovia Corp
Ivan M. Diamond, Co-Chair Securities, Greenebaum Doll & McDonald PLLC
Executive Compensation Disclosure Best Practices Mar 15/07
IT IT/Finance - Aligning PCI Data Security Standards with Pre-Existing Privacy and Security Mandates
Speakers: Seana Pitt, Chairperson of the PCI Security Standards Council and VP of Merchant Policy and Data Quality, American Express, Global Network Operations
Mark Lambert, Manager, Professional Services, Parasoft
PCI Data Security Standards Part I Feb 20/07
Finance Finance & Banking - Achieving Greater Shareholder Value with Continuous Improvement of Finance Processes
Speaker: Ned K. Worthington, Director, Shared Services Partner Management, AOL LLC
Finance Outsourcing and Shared Services Jan 25/07
Finance Finance & Banking - Strategic tactics and controls for SOX compliance
Speakers: Jim Herzfeld, VP of IT/CIO, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Alex Bakman, Chairman, Founder & Chief Technology Officer, Ecora Software
SOX Compliance for SMBs Jan 24/07
Finance Finance - Successful implementation and future applications using XBRL
Speaker:Martin Henning, Associate Director, FDIC Division of Insurance & Research, Statistics Branch
Financial Reporting Using XBRL Dec 12/06
Finance Finance & Banking - Identity access management for the enterprise
Speakers: Dave Cullinane, Former Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), Washington Mutual
Gijo Mathew, Global Practice Vice President, Security Management, CA
Securing the Extended Financial Enterprise Dec 6/06
BusinessStrategy Business Strategy/Finance/HR Management - How the Pension Protection Act impacts Benefit Administration
Speakers: Gloria Bowden, Senior Tax Counsel, Coca-Cola
Robert Smart, Founder, RetirementSmarts and Smart Planning Company
Pension Reform 2006 and the Impact on 401(k)s Dec 5/06
Finance Finance/IT - Overcoming Complexity and Security Issues
Speakers: Eric Kristoff, Director of IT, UBS
Stevan D. Vidich, PhD, MCSD, SCJP, Industry Architect, Financial Services Group, Microsoft
John Powers, Founder & President, Digipede Technologies
Grid Computing in Financial Services--Toward True IT Agility Nov 30/06
Finance Finance & Banking - Best practices in structuring mid-cap M&As
Speakers: Donald Adam, Senior Vice President, M & A, RehabCare Group
Judy Baron, Senior Director of Acquisition Integration, Sun Microsystems
Middle Market Mergers & Acquisitions Strategies Nov 27/06
Finance Finance & Banking - Trends in the European mergers & acquisitions market
Speaker: Fred Becker, Corporate Finance Manager, BT Group
The Effect of Private Equity on the M&A Market -- Europe Nov 22/06
Finance Finance/IT - No Time for Declarations of Victory: Protecting Customers beyond Regulatory Deadlines (with results of a peer-to-peer survey)
Speaker: Lawrence Baxter, Former Chief E-Commerce Officer, Wachovia Bank
Jerry Tylman, Online Authentication, Fraud Prevention and Security, RSA Consulting Group
Protecting Your Online Banking Customers beyond Regulatory Deadlines Presented by RSA Security Oct 25/06
BusinessStrategy Business Strategy/Finance/HR Management - Complying with the SEC rules change
Speakers: Charles D. Loring, CEBS, CCP, Senior Vice President and Director, Executive Compensation, Wachovia Corporation
Thomas Lehner, Policy Director, Business Roundtable
Mark Wincek, Head of Kilpatrick Stockton's Employee Benefits and Compensation Practice
Jennifer Schumacher, Partner, Kilpatrick Stockton LLP
Lois Wagman Colbert, Partner, Kilpatrick Stockton LLP
Executive Compensation Disclosure Sep 21/06
Finance Finance & Banking - A case study that addresses how you can gain strategic advantage from your SOX and other compliance initiatives
Speakers: Chrisan Herrod, Former CSO and Current Executive Consultant, (SEC)
Kimber Spradlin, Sr. Manager Security & Compliance Products, Embarcadero TechnologiesBR>Stephen Cummings, VP of Marketing, IBS America
SOX Section 404: The Next Steps Sep 12/06
Legal Legal/Finance - Realizing the potential of corporate governance in today’s environment
Speakers: Mike McCauley, Director Office of Corporate Governance and Investment Communications, Florida State Board of Administration
Peter R. Gleason, COO & Director or Research, National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD)
Cynthia Richson, Corporate Governance Officer, Ohio Public Employees Retirement System (OPERS)
Peter C. Cain, Managing Director, DLA
Corporate Governance and SOX July 28/06
Finance Finance/IT - Learn Complying with authentication requirements and ID theft countermeasures in online banking
Speakers:Bob Lee, Division of Supervision and Consumer Protection, FDIC
Dave Cullinane, CISSP, Chief Information Security Officer, Washington Mutual and President ISSA
Brad Keller, Vice President, eCommerce Business Risk Manager, Wachovia
Corey O’Donnell, Vice President of Marketing, Authentium
Ryan Hunter, Director of Product Marketing, Ping Identity
Online Banking Security July 26/06
Finance Finance - Learn how your organization can make the best use of the technology available for your tax preparation
Speakers:Bert DuMars, Director, Electronic Tax Administration, IRS
Michael P. Dolan, National Dir. of IRS Policies and Dispute Resolution, Wash. National Tax Practice, KPMG LLP
Corporate E-Filing -Tax Technology July 12/06
Legal Legal/Finance - Best practices and strategies to ensure a successful M&A
Speakers: Mark Wolfram, General Manager, Venture Integration, Microsoft Corporation
Paul F. Hartzell, Senior Vice President, DataSite
Due Dilligence Strategies in Mergers and Aquisitions May 9/06
Finance Finance & Banking - What the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 means for non-U.S. companies
Speaker: Chrisan Herrod, Chief Security Officer, SEC
Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404 for Non-US Based Companies Apr 26/06
Finance Finance & Banking - Compliance strategies to evaluate internal control effectiveness
Speakers: Scott Taub, Acting Chief Accountant, US SECURITIES & EXCHANGE COMMISION
Eric Keller, President and Chief Executive Officer, MOVARIS
Implications for Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404 Apr 19/06
Finance Finance & Banking - An informative discussion on how companies can leverage compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 to gain strategic advantage.
Speaker: Chrisan Herrod, Chief Security Officer, SEC
Leveraging Compliance Data for Strategic Advantage The Impact of Sarbanes-Oxley Dec 13/05
Finance Finance & Banking - This premiere Xtalks event will tackle the challenges now facing the finance departments of community banks, and offer advice to ensure they remain highly competitive, resilient and compliant, in line with the shifting expectations of their customers, the needs of their internal clients and the scrutiny of regulatory bodies and auditors
Speakers: Robert D. Kugel, VP & Research Director, Ventana Research
Karey Robb, Banking Specialist, PROPHIX Software Inc.Bruno Ienni, VP/Controller, Charter Bank
Beyond Budgeting: Linking Strategic Goals to Operational Excellence Oct 27/05
Finance Finance & Banking - An introductory presentation on the historic policy rationale for the FPR and its evolution, the FPR’s impact on pension funds and financial markets, the context for the government's decision to eliminate the FPR in the February 2005 Budget, and the potential implications of this decision for Canada’s financial markets
Speakers: Wayne Foster, Chief, Government Finance, Finance Canada
Janet Campagna, Global Head of Quantitative Strategies, Deutsche Asset Management
Richard A. Goldsmith, Global Head of DB Absolute Return Strategies
Timothy B. Keith, Chief Investment Officer and Head of Global Business and Product Development, RREEF Investment Managers
Geoffrey S. Moore, Head of Alternative Distribution and Service in Canada
Elimination of the Foreign Property Rule Oct 26/05
Finance Finance & Banking - Learn how companies survived the first year of SOX 404 implementations and their strategies to ensure ongoing compliance
Speaker: Chrisan Herrod, Chief Security Officer, U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission
The Sarbanes-Oxley Act and Implementing Section 404 June 30/05

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