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The Use of Immunohistochemistry in Target and Biomarker Validation


Date: November 21, 2016

Featured Speaker:
  • Nicola Tonge, Histology Manager & Immunohistochemistry Specialist, Epistem

ImmunohistochemistryThis webinar is aimed at informing scientists considering the use of immunohistochemistry (IHC) as a readout for target and biomarker validation. The webinar will illustrate the depth of knowledge that can be generated by IHC, and also indicate its limitations. An overview of IHC methods will be provided, from tissue fixation, antigen retrieval, to amplification and detection methods. The presenter will discuss the factors to consider in protocol development, validation, automation and quantification, particularly for clinical biomarkers, along with some key examples of biomarker expression in both target tissues, such as tumours and surrogate biomarker tissues, including the use of IHC on individual plucked human hairs. Historical data will be presented to illustrate the techniques and solutions to common problems.

The speaker will outline the common problems that she has experienced working with many different biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies in this area over the last 14 years.

Specifically, there will be an overview of:

  • Protocol Development
  • Protocol Validation
  • Image Analysis Techniques

Keywords: Immunohistochemistry, Biomarker Validation


Nicola Tonge, Epistem

Nicola Tonge, Histology Manager, Immunohistochemistry Specialist, Epistem

After academic research and a short period in commercial R&D, Nicola joined the Contract Research team at Epistem in 2002 to set up the histology and immunohistochemistry service. She has managed the GcLP accredited histology laboratory for 14 years, with specific expertise developing and validating novel immunohistochemistry protocols.
Chief Scientific Officer (CSO), Chief Medical Officer (CMO), Senior Executives, Directors, Team Leaders and Senior Scientists involved in the research & development of novel drugs, including those in the following functional areas:
  • Pre-clinical development
  • Pre-clinical pharmacology
  • Pre-clinical research
  • Pre-clinical drug development
  • Discovery scientists
  • Clinical development / operations
  • Translational Medicine
  • Biomarker research
  • Safety/Toxicology


Epistem is a UK biotechnology company operating three distinct business divisions.

The Contract Research Division, presenting this webinar, has been operating for 16 years and delivers innovative pre-clinical research services with an in-depth specialist understanding of epithelial tissues. Pre-clinical model areas include oncology (inc. leukaemia), oncology treatment associated side effects (such as mucositis), inflammatory diseases such as IBD, RA and psoriasis, and wound healing and skincare. Each area is supported by core technologies including histology, immunohistochemistry, FACS, multiplexing, laser capture microdissection and gene expression profiling, which also provide independent services to external sponsors that perform their own in-house models. All solutions are delivered via an individual sponsor specific tailored approach.

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