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Mar 30, 2017 Strategies for Deploying Innovative Solutions for Perimeter Security LifeSciences - In this webinar, Tyco Integrated Security is proud to share strategies and solutions that leading enterprises are deploying to help strengthen the campus and/or facility perimeter and adapt to changing threats
Speakers: Shane Meenan, Director of Sales, Integrated Solutions, Tyco Integrated Security
Gadi Bar-Ner, VP Marketing, Magos Systems
Darrell Geusz, Senior Product Manager, Usher by MicroStrategy

Apr 4, 2017 Predict and Act on Site Risks With Data-Driven Insights
Part 2 of Series "Four Steps to Shorten Your Clinical Trials with Informatics"
LifeSciences -  This series explores proven ways to develop go/no-go insights faster so clinical development teams can get submission-ready faster, reduce the risk of a rejected submission or potential market withdrawal, and optimize data provisioning, aggregation and review
Speaker: Masha Hoffey, Director of Clinical Analytics, PerkinElmer Informatics

Apr 4, 2017 Natural History vs. Registry Studies in Rare Disease LifeSciences -  Key elements of this webinar will include the importance of natural history information in rare disease research, the difference between registry and natural history studies, and how to design and conduct a registry or natural history study
Speakers: Angi Robinson, Executive Director, Pediatrics & Rare Disease, Premier Research
Juliet Moritz, Executive Director, Rare Disease & General Medicine, Premier Research

Apr 5, 2017 Combination Product Regulatory Requirement Complexities and the Impact of the 21st Century Cures Act LifeSciences -  In this webinar, the speakers will discuss their experience with the regulatory and product development processes for combination products to show you how to navigate regulatory complexities
Speakers: Diane Beatty, PhD, Managing Director, Regulatory Affairs and Product Development, Cardinal Health Regulatory Sciences
Jean Dehdashti, MSc, RAC, Scientist III, Regulatory Affairs & Product Development, Cardinal Health Regulatory Sciences

Apr 5, 2017 Optimise Your Regulatory & HTA Submissions with a Comprehensive Health Economic & Epidemiologic Evidence Strategy LifeSciences -  Join the speakers to learn about the best practices for developing a comprehensive health economic and epidemiologic evidence strategy and evidence generation plan that is targeted to meet the needs of regulators and payers
Speakers: Michael Cook, MSc, MSPH, PhD, Principal, Epidemiology, ICON Commercialisation & Outcomes
Dhvani Shah, MS, Lead Health Economist, ICON Commercialisation & Outcomes

Apr 5, 2017 Cell Therapy – Achieving Achieving Success on the Road to Commercialization LifeSciences - This webinar will review some of the key components to consider when developing your strategy to minimize risk, manage cost, and ultimately deliver a product to market
Speakers: Kristen Franklin, Client Services Manager, Cell Therapy, Fisher BioServices
Amy Hendricks, Project Manager, Fisher BioServices

Apr 6, 2017 Formulating Amorphous Solid Dispersions: Bridging Particle Engineering and Formulation LifeSciences - In this webinar, the importance of an integrated development of both the spray dried intermediate (SDI) and the formulation, is highlighted
Speakers: João Henriques, MSc, Team Leader, Hovione
Pedro Valente, PhD, Scientist, Hovione

Apr 8, 2017 チャンス溢れるカルチャ-の中で

Apr 12, 2017 Critical CRO Oversight Metrics: How to Establish the Right Metrics and Monitor them in Real-time LifeSciences -  This webinar will take an in-depth look at CRO oversight and risk management best practice, delving into the gaps in oversight processes, the causes of these gaps and how to successfully address them
Speakers: Julie Peacock, Client Services, Comprehend
Linda Sullivan, Co-Founder & President, Metrics Champion Consortium (MCC)

Apr 13, 2017 Assessing NASH: Discover the Non-invasive Techniques LifeSciences -  This webinar will discuss noninvasive ways to assess NASH using imaging, including proton density fat fraction (PDFF), T1 relaxometry, Magnetic resonance elastography (MRE) and the latest advances in MRE and how they can be used to assess inflammation.
Speakers: Richard L. Ehman, M.D., Professor of Radiology, Blanche R. & Richard J. Erlanger Professor of Medical Research, Mayo Clinic; President and CEO, Resoundant, Inc.
Jonathan Riek, Ph.D., Vice President, Musculoskeletal and Metabolic Imaging, BioTelemetry Research (Cardiocore & VirtualScopics)

Apr 13, 2017 The Modernization of eCOA Technology for Clinical Trials LifeSciences -  This webinar provides a timely update on new industry expectations of eCOA technologies
Speaker: Mike Hughes, Senior Director, eCOA Solutions, YPrime

Apr 18, 2017 Developing a Biological Safety Evaluation LifeSciences -  This webinar will cover the broad scope of developing a biological safety evaluations and how to assess the biocompatibility of device and process changes
Speaker: Audrey Turley, B.S., RM (NCRM), CBA (ASQ), Research Scientist, Nelson Labs

Apr 20, 2017 Electronic Informed Consent: 2017 Industry Survey Results LifeSciences - Whether your organization is just starting to consider eConsent or looking to expand adoption company-wide, learn about what others in the industry are currently thinking about the informed consent process
Speakers: Sam Sather, Quality and Regulatory, TrialConsent, CRF Health
Naor Chazan, Director of Marketing, CRF Health

Apr 25, 2017 New Tufts CSDD Study on End-to-End Site Identification Through Startup LifeSciences -  The webinar will discuss the implications of the results and highlight key insights for sponsors and CROs to optimize their investigative site management practices
Speakers: Ken Getz, Director of Sponsored Research Programs & Associate Professor, Tufts CSDD
Beth Harper, President, Clinical Performance Partners
Patricia Smith, Business Architect, goBalto

Apr 26, 2017 Addressing the Challenges of Type II Diabetes Global Clinical Trials via Use of High Quality Laboratory Solutions LifeSciences - The webinar will focus on specific analytical test solutions for Type II Diabetes that enable the creation of high quality laboratory data sets which in turn enable an accurate and efficient assessment of the test compound
Speakers: Andrew Roche, Ph.D., Scientific Director, Global Validation, Scientific Affairs, ICON
Martin Benson, Ph.D., Senior Director and Global Lead, Cardiometabolic Drug Development Services

Apr 26, 2017 Clinical Trial Considerations in Cerebral Protection for TAVR Patients LifeSciences -  Understand factors the presenters believe medical device sponsors should consider when developing or using embloic protection devices in clinical trials
Speakers: Alan B. Lumsden, MD, ChB, RVT, FACS, Medical Director, Medical Metrics
Zsolt Garami, MD, Director of Vascular Imaging, Medical Metrics
Richelle Massey Senior Director, Project Management, Medical Device & Diagnostic Division, Novella Clinical

Apr 27, 2017 Enabling Multi-Analyte Analysis of Lung Cancer FFPE Samples with 3D Biology™ Technology LifeSciences - In this webinar, the speakers will discuss 3D Biology technology and the application of this novel approach in the study 75 lung cancer FFPE samples
Speakers: A. McGarry Houghton, MD, Associate Member, Clinical Research Division, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Joseph M. Beechem, PhD, Senior Vice President of Research and Development, NanoString Technologies

Apr 27, 2017 A Holistic Understanding of the Patient Journey Using Multiple Data Sources LifeSciences - This webinar will provide viewers with insight into how to develop a successful patient journey analysis that will yield actionable insights
Speakers: Lou Brooks, Vice President, Commercial Consulting, Optum
Shelli Field, Principal Consultant, Commercial Consulting, Optum

May 2, 2017 Serialization for Late Starters – With Live Industry Research Results LifeSciences - Attend this webinar to get up to speed with serialization regulations quickly and effectively for long term compliance & success
Speakers: Carlos Machado, Serialization Director, SEA Vision US
Paolo Landriani, Product Manager, SEA Vision Italy

May 3, 2017 Not All Antioxidants Are Created Equal: Astaxanthin, The Antioxidant Powerhouse FoodFormulation - Viewers will gain insight into how antioxidants support health and well-being, understand what makes astaxanthin a superior antioxidant, and learn how to select the best astaxanthin for your nutraceutical formulation
Speakers: Tryggvi Stefánsson, Ph.D., Science Manager, Algalif
Haraldur Gardarsson, Ph.D. , Quality Control Manager, Algalif

May 4, 2017 Turning Biorepositories into Translational Science Treasure Troves: The Value of Uniquely Complete Data Sets LifeSciences - Learn how Covance and Global Specimen Solutions, Inc. can bring new insights to your research, using a fully-outsourced SaaS platform designed from the ground up to accommodate not just a few trials’ worth of data, but entire pipelines for rich answers in real time
Speaker: Dr. Amelia Warner, Founder, Global Specimen Solutions, Inc.

May 9, 2017 Optimise Your Medical Publications and Avoid “Predatory Journals” LifeSciences -  Join the panel to learn tips and tools to enhance your medical publication efforts and avoid so-called “predatory journals
Speakers: Jeffrey Beall, Scholarly Communications Librarian, Associate Professor, University of Colorado (Denver)
Janet Galliera, Executive Director Business Development, PubsHub, an ICON plc company
Nicolle Watts, Database Manager, PubsHub an ICON plc company

May 9, 2017 Rationale and Clinical Development Considerations in Cannabis-Based Therapies LifeSciences - This webinar will explore the past and future of cannabis-based therapies, along with important considerations surrounding their development.
Speakers: Michael Kuss, Vice President, Analgesia, Premier Research
Hunter Land, Medical Science Liaison, GW Pharmaceuticals

May 10, 2017 Quantitative Immunohistochemistry for Development of Predictive Biomarkers in Oncology Clinical Trials LifeSciences - Through quantitative analysis of IHC images, effective biomarkers can be predictors of disease prognosis and immune response of various immunotherapies.
Speaker: Belma Dogdas, PhD, Associate Principle Scientist, Merck, Inc.

May 10, 2017 Outcomes-Based Agreements and Innovative Contracting for Biopharmaceuticals: Where Is The Market Moving? LifeSciences - Viewers will get a deeper understanding of the changing contracting landscape and to learn ways to leverage new and innovative approaches to improve the commercial success of your biopharmaceutical products
Speaker: Janice Watch, Divisional Principal, Head of EU Pricing and Market Access, ICON Commercialisation and Outcomes

May 15, 2017 Choosing the Right Partner to Build a Successful Direct-to-Patient (DTP) Clinical Trial Framework LifeSciences -  Topics include how DTP trials can contribute to the improvement of patient enrollment, retention and overall patient satisfaction, what to look for in a partner to manufacture, package and distribute clinical drug supplies for DTP studies, protocol requirements for DTP trials, and pharmacy licensing regulations and how they impact distribution
Speakers: Mia Kobuta, Manager, Logistics Client Services, Sharp Clinical Services Inc.
Will Plyler, Manager, Business Development – Clinical Research Services, McKesson Specialty Pharmacy Solutions

May 17, 2017 Collaborations Between Industry and Academia – Bridging the Gap LifeSciences - This webinar will examine the motivations for collaboration between biopharma and academia – two different worlds
Speakers: John Cole, Principal, Charles River Associates
Ann Baker, Vice President, Charles River Associates

May 23, 2017 Rare & Orphan Drug Development: Cost-Efficient Trial Design for Orphan Drugs to Minimize Cash Burn LifeSciences - Topics include key challenges to improve cost-efficiency in orphan drugs clinical development, regulatory evolution in the review process of Orphan Drugs, and what role multi-stakeholder collaboration in rare disease research plays in improving clinical trials cost-efficiency
Speakers: Carlos R. Camozzai, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Simbec-Orion Group
Fabrice Chartier, PhD, Chief Operating Officer, Simbec-Orion Group

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