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Whether you're a marketing coordinator or a life science practitioner, check in with this Xtalks.com blog to learn about the latest issues in science, webinars, and marketing; there's a lot to learn! After working in these fields for over a decade, we've gained a lot of knowledge, and are excited to share some of it with you. We've got plenty planned for this upcoming year, but if you have any suggestions for posts, or have any questions about science, webinars or marketing, let us know in the comments section!

FEB 6, 2015 | by Andrew Juurinen

Top 10 Most Interactive Webinar Topics for 2015
(Continuing Series - Thinking of Running a Webinar?)

We’re really looking forward to this year’s schedule of upcoming life science webinars. Although we have a huge list of topics already scheduled for 2015, we thought it would be a great idea to look at some of the data we gathered in 2014 to help you generate ideas for upcoming webinars. Looking back, we found 10 webinar topics that generated the most interactivity from our audience members. The Q&A sessions for these topics consistently produced an overwhelming number of questions for our presenters to answer, and we believe these trends will likely continue for 2015. Lets take a look!

1. Risk Based Monitoring (RBM)

Year-after-year, risk-based monitoring, always seems to be a hot topic. Improving data quality and oversight, identifying the different types of data analysis to de-risk, and the role of the monitor in RBM are just some of the sub-topics have been discussed in our risk-based monitoring webinars.
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2. Extractables and Leachables

Like RBM, extractables and leachables also  seem to obtain the most interactivity from audiences. Topics from unique identifications, container closure systems, and colourants in medical devices all garnered many questions from our audience.
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3. Sequencing Methods

Next generation sequencing methods are giving scientists speed and scalability, thereby yielding insights into biological systems at an even greater rate. That said, at the user level, there is a lot to be learned. We gathered a huge number of questions discussing RNA sequencing, targeted bisulfite sequencing, and more.
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4. Preclinical Models

Preclinical models offer an important step to report feasibility and safety data. The development of new preclinical models generally offer greater insight into the drug or medical device development process. Determining how to use these new models and learning how to interpret and report the new types of data, are among some of the questions asked by our audiences. This year, preclinical webinar topics gave the greatest number of questions ever asked by Xtalks audiences.
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5. Adaptive Clinical Trial Design

Employing an adaptive trial design allows modifications in many variables like patient selection, sample size and dosage. Implementing such a technique can have many implications, and thus often yield a large number of questions from our audience, such as, what risks should be considered early on in an adaptive trial?
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6. Using Electronic Clinical Data

While using electronic data in clinical trials is nothing new, the types of clinical data being reported, the methods in which data is collected, the introduction of mobile patient data and patient self-reporting have given practitioners much to ponder about.
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7. Biomarkers

An ever increasing number of biomarkers are being discovered and developed, helping to greater understand disease profiles. How the discovery process is developed, how to interpret the data from certain biomarkers, and using biomarkers to stratify patients are among some of the topics of concern from our audience.
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8. Clinical Supply Chain

As software systems develop we’ve been able to acquire greater control of clinical supply chain, adding flexibility, on-route monitoring capabilities, and more. This increase in ability is balanced by even greater regulatory and trade requirements, as of late. Keeping up with these requirements, while determining what and how to implement these new practices gave our audiences much to question.
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9. Biologics Production Optimization

How can you maintain product quality, scale up manufacturing and decrease product variability when producing biologics? These were just some of the issues that were asked by our audience members this year. Producing biologics is a complex task, requiring engineering, process control and biology knowledge. Plan on similar topics to ensure maximum audience participation in 2015.
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10. Clinical Trial Enrollment and Retention

The adage, time is money, rings especially clear in the clinical trial process. Engaging potential clinical trial recruits early and keeping them engaged in the process, has been, and likely will always be, an ever changing and improving process to keep costs low. Practitioners had more than a few questions for our experts during Q&A sessions on this topic. New methodologies and technologies are keeping our audiences curious about how they work. Stay tuned in 2015!
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