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In an Imperfect World: Strategies for Psychiatric Clinical Trials


Studies involving psychiatry drugs may be uniquely challenging.

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Tweet: Not all symptomatic improvement in mental disorders can necessarily be tied to the product under study. http://ctt.ec/lf2Zz+ Not all symptomatic improvement in mental disorders can necessarily be tied to the product under study.

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September 16, 2016 | by Megan Sims

In a perfect world, clinical drug trials draw conclusive results from objective observations. But we don’t live in that world, and we doubt you do, either.

Studies involving psychiatry drugs may be uniquely challenging. Ensuring that trial data accurately captures a compound’s safety and efficacy potential requires that you account for challenges inherent in working with a mentally ill population. Observing changes in the disease under study is partly a subjective process, and that creates risk of undue influence that the patient and/or investigator may not recognize.

To further complicate things, not all symptomatic improvement in mental disorders can necessarily be tied to the product under study. Some changes may result from unrelated factors whose therapeutic effect erodes the efficacy signal of a potential treatment.

On Tuesday, September 20, join two experts from Premier Research for a revealing look at these challenges. Krista Armstrong, Vice President of Strategic Development, and Susan Kozauer, Senior Medical Director, will present Conclusive Results: Strategies for Collecting Quality Data in Psychiatric Clinical Trials. The hour-long session, beginning at 11 a.m. Eastern time, will explore a range of factors that — if identified and mitigated early in the development process — can maximize the potential for conclusive study results. Look for a particular focus on:

  • Study design considerations
  • Site factors
  • Subject selection and eligibility
  • Data surveillance

The neuroscience experts at Premier Research have performed more than 150 neuroscience studies in just the past five years, their work touching more than 27,000 patients afflicted with all major central nervous system disorders. Register today for what is sure to be an informative presentation.

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