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Best Practices to Create an Effective and Scalable Sales Enablement Strategy in Life Sciences


Customer Relationship ManagementDate: December 1, 2016 (60 minutes)

Featured Speakers:

Developing and executing a sales enablement strategy is critical to keep sales teams competitive and relevant in the rapidly evolving healthcare landscape. Medical device and pharmaceutical companies need to ensure marketing and sales teams work in lock-step to meet both individual healthcare provider (HCP) needs as well as key accounts and networks. In this webinar the speakers will cover:

  • Considerations when creating a sales enablement initiative in a regulated industry
  • Content best practices to ensure compliance and sales readiness
  • New digital bridges to coordinate sales and marketing around the customer
  • o  Internal communication/collaboration

    o  Mobile content enablement

    o  Events/tradeshows

    o  Rep–triggered email

    o  Prescriptive analytics

  • How sales enablement compliments and improves the ROI of customer relationship management systems (CRM)

The opportunity costs of misalignment between sales and marketing range from customer dissatisfaction, to lost deals, to compliance violations. But with a well-defined and executed sales enablement strategy, Life Sciences companies can truly leverage their customer relationships in new, measurable and compliant ways

Keywords: Customer Relationship Management

        Jeff Gaus, Prolifiq Software

        Jeff Gaus, Chief Executive Officer, Prolifiq Software

        Jeff Gaus is the Chief Executive Officer of Prolifiq Software. Prior to his current role, he led the company’s business development, marketing and sales activities. Jeff is a 30+ year veteran of the telecommunications industry, has designed several communications protocols and has co-authored two United States patents: one for VoIP and the other for electronic message management – the core of Prolifiq’s platform.

        Vrahram Kadkhodaian, Prolifiq Software

        Vrahram Kadkhodaian, Chief Commercial Officer, Prolifiq Software

        Vrahram Kadkhodaian joined Prolifiq in September of 2016 as Chief Commercial Officer. Vrahram is responsible for Global Sales & Marketing that has been founded on Customer Success.

        Vrahram has spent over a decade in Executive Sales Leadership positions working for organizations such as Wells Fargo, CDC Software (Pivotal CRM) & SalesForce.com where he has been responsible for not only customer acquisition & customer success, but go-to-market strategy and distribution locally and internationally.

        Vrahram specializes in solving complex business problems leveraging technology in regulated markets such as, Financial Services & Healthcare with an emphasis in Medical Device & Pharmaceuticals. At Northern Illinois University, Vrahram was captain of the Division 1 Men’s Soccer team and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business.


        VPs, Directors, Managers at MedTech, Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies, involved in:

        • Marketing
        • Marketing Communications
        • Sales operations
        • Field-force and/or commercial excellence
        • Sales training
        • Mobile Strategy/Initiatives


        Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, Prolifiq has re-imagined commercial content management and sales enablement for many of the world's largest and most innovative medical technology and pharmaceutical companies. Founded in 2000, the company helps Life Sciences commercialize innovative therapies that drive better patient outcomes.

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