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Packaging and Labeling Management Best Practices in Pharma


RegisterDate: October 27, 2016

Featured Speaker:

  • Mike Baird, Global Business Development - Pharma & Life Sciences, Esko

Pharmaceutical and life science companies are under an extreme amount of pressure to maintain an ever-increasing amount of regulation and legislation. With this pressure, they still need to increase efficiencies, bring new products to the market faster, reduce prices, deliver innovation, ensure patient compliance, and maintain business compliance.

In addition to these hurdles, pharma and life science companies must respond to today’s digital-savvy and highly connected patients in a multitude of ways. We are finding that digital’s impact is greatest in the early stages of the purchasing pathway, when consumers are discovering brands and searching for product options. Consumers regularly switch back and forth between digital and physical channels, and they interact digitally both in and outside of stores. On average, 15% of annual revenue is lost in the life science and pharma space due to an inconsistent brand-relevant customer experience.

In order to meet these challenges, companies must not only have the business processes in place but also invest in the solutions and technologies available to them. These will both complement the processes and help actively drive their businesses forward in all aspects of their packaging and labeling management.

However, the adoption of new processes and solutions are not without challenges for any business and so many will look for help outside of the organization and their existing resources. This is where Esko can help.

Esko is an industry thought leader for workflow automation, quality assurance and online collaboration. Esko solutions enable definition and adoption of best practices for packaging and labeling management, helping pharma and life science organizations’ achieve their business goals “better, cheaper and faster”.

In this webinar, Esko will present 6 examples of what good looks like in the world of pharma packaging and labeling management:

  • Packaging process optimization
  • Design, create and review in 3D
  • Asset ownership and management
  • Supply chain optimization
  • Managing content
  • Merging physical and digital

Individually these can provide significant improvements to any business, but combined they are truly powerful tools and will absolutely help pharma and life science organizations achieve their business goals “better, cheaper and faster”.

Keywords: Pharmaceutical Packaging, Pharmaceutical Labeling


    Mike Baird, Esko

    Mike Baird, Global Business Development - Pharma & Life Sciences, Esko

    Mike is an experienced strategic business manager with more than 20 years in packaging, pre-media and print. The past 8 years he specialized in the pharmaceutical and life sciences verticals. Mike is currently charged with creating and executing Esko's Pharma and life sciences go-to-market strategy on a global scale.


    C-level and Senior Level executives from biopharma companies working within:

    • Quality Control/Quality Assurance
    • Regulatory Compliance
    • Graphics
    • Packaging


    Esko is the worldwide market leader providing software for workflow automation, quality assurance and online collaboration. Esko’s packaging and labeling management solution helps pharmaceutical and life sciences companies manage their packaging preproduction specifications, regulatory content and artwork portfolio in a compliant and secure way, helping raise productivity, reduce time-to-market, lower costs, expand business and improve profitability.

    Key features:

    • Developed to GAMP5 guidelines
    • Fully validatable
    • FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance controls built in
    • Developed to cGMP guideline standards
    • Full audit trail and version control
    • Barcode and Braille checking functionality via Global Vision integration

    Benefits for life sciences and pharma companies:

    • Build quality into your process
    • Reduce risk of errors at every stage
    • Maintain absolute control and compliance
    • Manage the challenges of controlling your packaging and labeling copy and content
    • Adapt to changing regulatory requirements with ease

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