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Institutionalizing Real-World Evidence Across Your Organization

Date: March 22, 2017 (60 minutes)
Featured Speakers:

This presentation will explore how exponential growth in the variety of real world data sources and their quick adoption across functional business units is necessitating the need for the standardization of real world data and analytics platforms.

These standardizations enable Life Sciences organizations to institutionalize their Real-World Evidence (RWE) knowledge base while keeping the cost of support and scale manageable. The presenters will review Knowledgent’s approach and framework for RWE standardization, governance, and collaboration and explore how SAS’ RWE architecture can facilitate it. SAS’ architecture can significantly increase speed to insight by being agnostic to the data sources, allowing selection of complex patient cohorts without coding, and providing rapid analytics results while still being extensible, flexible and transparent.

Keywords: Real World Evidence, Real World Data


    Robert Collins, Senior Life Sciences Industry Consultant, SAS

    Robert Collins has over 25 years’ experience performing and supporting life sciences research in academic and commercial environments. A significant part of that work includes analysis of longitudinal cohorts and large-scale outcomes research using Medicare and commercial claims sources.

    Ari Yacobi, Chief Data Scientist, Knowledgent

    Ari Yacobi is the Chief Data Scientist and RWE Practice Lead at Knowledgent. Ari spends his time bringing data science to Real-World-Evidence and Outcomes Research and has successfully led RWE strategy and analytics engagements at large pharmaceutical and health insurance companies. Ari is a seasoned real-world data scientist with multiple years of experience in leading and managing large-scale analytics projects. He actively seeks to bring best practices and innovation to RWE engagements, ensuring that solutions are aligned with organization’s overall RWE strategy while setting the stage for the future.


    Professionals from pharmaceutical, biotech, or clinical research organizations with responsibilities in:

    • Real World Evidence (RWE)
    • Health Outcomes and Research (HEOR)
    • Outcomes Groups
    • Commercial and marketing
    • IT
    • Analytics
    • Value-based medicine
    • Evidence Management
    • Clinical R&D
    • Comparative Effectiveness/Research
    • Clinical Data
    • Bioinformatics/Analytics
    • Epidemiology
    • Pharmacoeconomics
    • Pharmacovigilance

    As the leader in advanced analytics, SAS helps you quickly visualize, analyze and share clinical, research and business data to bring therapies to the market faster. One hundred percent of biopharmaceutical companies on the Fortune Global 500® chose SAS®, the industry standard. Since 1976, SAS has given users THE POWER TO KNOW®.


    Knowledgent is a data and analytics consultancy that improves lives and business through data. Our expertise seamlessly integrates industry experience, data science, and data architecture and engineering skills to uncover actionable insights.

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