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March 18, 2014

IHC Assays for Companion Diagnostic Use: Standardization Methods that Maximize Success

Speaker for this Event:
  • Sharon Moulis, Ph.D., Principal Scientist and Director of the Human Tissues Laboratory, Merrimack Pharmaceuticals
  • Today, IHC assay tests are commonly designed with limited stringency in comparison to common ELISA tests in the clinical setting. IHC scoring and cutpoints are determined arbitrarily biased toward the performance of the assay and then compared to patient response in hopes of finding a predictive biomarker.

    In this webinar, Sharon Moulis, Principal Scientist and Director of Human Tissues Laboratory at Merrimack Pharmaceuticals, will discuss how they have devised a method of IHC assay design that increases the chance of finding the optimal cutpoint of biomarker expression and maximizing the chance of success for companion diagnostic use. Through use of standard curves and quantitative image analysis, the required target expression level can be determined and IHC assays re-optimized for more uniform and consistent scoring by a pathologist.


      This webinar will be ideal for Medical, Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Diagnostics executives from vice presidents up through Chief Scientific, Medical and Executive Officers, lab directors and medical directors.


      Sharon Moulis, Ph.D. Principal Scientist and Director of the Human Tissues Laboratory, Merrimack Pharmaceuticals

      Sharon Moulis received her Ph.D. from Yale University, studying with Dr. David L. Rimm. Her background includes development of quantitative immunohistochemistry methods, assay design, companion diagnostic strategy and implementation, and clinical trial sample management for companion diagnostics.


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