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September 4, 2013
Optimizing Assays from FFPE for Biomarker Strategies

Speaker for this Event: 
  • Dr. Austin Tanney, Scientific Liaison Manager, Almac  Learn More
  • The field of personalised medicine is developing rapidly and companion diagnostic approvals are becoming more and more common. To date, however, the vast majority of tests are relatively low complexity DNA or protein based assays. In our experience, more complex gene signature based tests are beginning to enter the pipeline with many of our clients currently using these tests for trial enrichment strategies as early as Phase I.

    When it comes to clinical delivery of such assays, the ability to work with FFPE tissue is critically important. This is an area of significant experience and expertise for Almac and in this webinar we will present some of our experience.

    Some of the key components will be:

    • Platforms, platform selection and migration
    • Optimising tests for FFPE tissue
    • Clinical delivery for trial enrichment
    • Development routes for companion diagnostics

    Pharma and biotechnology companies worldwide, particularly

    • Senior scientists and clinical trials executives involved in companion diagnostics and biomarker strategies

    Austin Tanner

    Dr Austin Tanney, Scientific Liaison Manager, Almac

    Dr Tanney graduated from the University of Ulster with a PhD in Biomedical science. His background spans molecular biology and bioinformatics. He has over 13 years experience as a researcher and manager in academia and commercial enterprises.

    He has worked for several startup biotech companies in scientific and bioinformatics roles and served as a bioinformatics consultant to the Department of Oncology in Queens University Belfast.

    Dr Tanney joined Almac in 2003 and was the Program manager repsonsible for the development of Almac's range of disease-focussed microarrays, the DSA research tools. Dr Tanney currently works as Scientific Liaison Manager for Almac’s diagnostics business unit, focussed on biomarker discovery and development for personalized medicine.


    Almac partners with the biopharmaceutical industry to provide biomarker discovery and development solutions ranging from pre-clinical biomarker discovery, through to full companion diagnostic development, biomarker clinical trial management and clinical test delivery from our CLIA lab.

    We have an expert team with a wide range of experience. We have a portfolio of proprietary discovery arrays and extensive experience and expertise working with formalin fixed paraffin embedded (FFPE) tissue. We utilise this expertise, experience and innovative technology developing diagnostics for our partners and in the development of our own pipeline of molecular diagnostics.

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